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February 09, 2007



It's BEAUTIFUL! You must be so happy!

Sheepish Annie

Wow!!! The fit is perfect! And the color is just great. Wanna finish my sweater for me? I'm sure you'd do a better job of it than I am currently doing.

We are at 16 degrees with a stupid wind chill. Gack!


It's beautiful!!! I love the color.


Beth it looks great!!! Hooray for you! I say celebrate by casting on socks. You can always alternate between the shawl and the socks....
I know you are so happy to have your sweater done! It's a great feeling, isn't it??


Of course you can start both! Says the lady with 15 projects going at once ;-)

The cardi is beautiful, and 36F IS freezing cold!


What an accomplishment. I know you are proud. If not, I'm proud for you! Tenacity pays off. Great job!


Congratulations, Beth!! It's *beautiful*!! I love the color.


Woo hoo! A most excellent achievement, indeed. You did a fabulous job on CPH, and I love the color of the Malabrigo. I agree with Patti's comment, celebrate by casting on for the socks and the shawl. That way when you get tired of one project, there is already another one waiting for you. If you need any help with sock knitting, let me know.


It looks great, congratulations on finishing it!

I can't remember the last time I finished a big knitting project, but I have been fantasising about knitting a cardi or sweater in the near future... ;-)


Great sweater. I love that color. I haven't seen that colorway of Malabrigo around.
I'm all for getting 2 projects going, you can switch back and forth when you get bored. Plus the shawl is good at home knitting, and socks are great out and about knitting.


Beth, You did a GREAT job!!! I love your new sweater, well done.....And you are right, you are in the tropics there LOL

Huggs, G


That will definitely come in handy during this cold spell across the country. Nice job!


Hey, great jacket. It looks warm and cozy. What happened to your head???


Your hoodie looks lovely in this variegated yarn. Have you worn it yet?


AAAAHHHH! I love it! It looks great on you. I love it in the Malabrigo.


It looks great on! I hope that means you will keep it for yourself, though I'm sure your daughter will want to borrow it too!

You did a great job and should definitely celebrate with whatever new projects inspire you!


WOW! It looks great. You must be so pleased.

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