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February 20, 2007


Restless Knitter

Pfft, I told you I have more cotton ease than I know what to do with. If you can get the gauge you need with it, please take another ball (or two or three) off my hands.

Nice swap gifts! I vote for socks for the CTH. A shawlette would be nice too, though. I'm so much help

Sheepish Annie

Oh, wow!!! What a great swap package!!! I'll bet you have some happy times with that...

I'd say you made a good call on the kimono. I always tend to "over-give" thinking that what I have isn't enough. Two outfits are a great gift and the kimono can wait. There's always someone having a baby!


Sounds like you have a good plan. You can always give the kimono later as a "just because" gift, too. The Cotton Plus is okay--not anything super wonderful--so I wouldn't hold out for it, anyway. I just had some because it was on sale (and already cheap) at AC Moore a few years ago. You could use any yarn in the 18/24 gauge for that kimono. I think Mission Falls cotton would make a great one...


What a wonderful Special package, Beth! I'm so glad you love it, and I am so glad you decided to ride along for the next Special Swap!


What a fun theme for a swap! Good to take the pressure off with that kimono.


I am very happy that you liked my package - I really loved yours!

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