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February 11, 2007


Sheepish Annie

I can't watch award shows...too much down time!!! I'd rather just get the highlights the next day. I feel the same about lock-ins. I pretty much avoid those when possible as well! But, I'm the teacher not the parent so I have more of an "out" than you do.

I think a finished dishcloth can be counted as a full gift! Who knows? Next Christmas may be the year of the single cloth! You need to plan ahead for these things...


I found your blog by way of Sheepish Annie, and I felt immediately at home - overnight lock-ins at the youth group, Christian music, etc. I am glad I found your blog!


How lucky that you get to meet up with a fellow knitblogger! It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

I hope you got some sleep last night. With a toddler who still refuses to sleep through the night, I know how you feel.


It is so nice to be around people that make you laugh. Knitters are even better. I don't think we laugh enough these days.


Lock-ins are fun... for the kids! My husband and I were volunteer high school youth leaders before he started his masters... before we were married... and we spent many a sleepless night at church. The most fun was the 30 hour famine- I worked the smoothie bar.


Fun fun!! I didn't realize there were that many categories of Grammys! Geez!

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