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February 16, 2007



I like to knit a blanket edged with ruffles and ribbons for baby girls.

Taking a break from teaching is a big step. It's amazing what the Lord can open up for us. It will be exciting to see where this leads you.


Sheepish Annie

Babies kind of confuse me and I generally just panic and get a gift certificate or something. You should see me at baby showers...I get the jitters!!! But I have been looking at the kimono from Mason*Dixon for a co-worker's soon-to-be new girl person.

I draw the line at pink, though!!!!


The baby bolero is wonderful and cranks out quickly. It is in the One Skein book. The recommended yarn is Blue Sky Organic Cotton and it is SO soft...I've made 4 or 5 of these.


Sounds like you're keeping busy! Is it freezing up there? It is here.
Sheri in SE GA


Beth, first, congratulations on the sock! See, it's not too hard! =)

I do love that MDK kimono. But I can't use dishcloth cotton for it, no matter how popular that is--it's just not soft enough for me. Debbie Bliss has lots of sweet baby patterns and I usualyl just check her books out of the library.

The yarn art class sounds like a great way to keep in touch with the teaching world! I think it will be a lot of fun for you and the students.


Congratulations on tackling your first sock! I'm with Sheepish Annie...the baby knitting is a mystery to me. However, a friend is going to become a grandmother in the spring, so I am going to try a very simple sweater out of the Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss book for her. I've heard good things about the M*D kimono and One Skein's bolero too. Let us know what you choose! Enjoy your much needed break!


I'm all about the hats for the wee little ones. They tend to grow out of them the slowest :).

As for colors? I used to be all, "Pink is over-rated, blah, blah, blah" but maybe I'm both color-starved in gloomy seattle (thought the sun is peeking out today, hurray!) and more city-conscious. It is MUCH EASIER to see a kid in a bright pink or yellow hat/jacket/anything than in any other "subdued/muted/modern/fashionabl(?)" color. Especially when they pull away from their mom's hold and run across the street in front of the oncoming busses and stuff...

But that's just me. This was never an issue when I went for "small-town" living...

Becca sounds like you do need a break! Hope the week off is relaxing!


Oh no.. sock talk! *grin* I'm starting to itch again :)

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