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February 05, 2007



Progress is good, whether photographed or not! =)

Restless Knitter

Hooray for the hood being done!

I just noticed your Knitting Goals list over in the sidebar, that's pretty neat. I may copy you and do something like that on mine on of these days.

Have any spare time on Saturday?


Aw, heck, it's your blog, so post your photos when you want to! I don't tend to post many WIP photos, because I'm not sure who really wants to see another two inches added to what I showed the day before. It's more fun to just spring the FO on your readers :)


I so know how you feel. Don't worry, we keep reading. Can't wait to see the hoodie.

Sheepish Annie

Whooooo Hooooo!!! Yay for the hood! I can wait for the photos. Just knowing that it is a full-on hood is good enough. ;)


I only look at blogs for the articles...NOT. lOOking forward to some Georgia pics....whenever you're ready, that is. Meanwhile I'll sqeeze my eyes shut and imagine the hoodie!


Goodie- you're on the home stretch now. Wish I could focus on a project like that and not knit a bit here and a bit there :)


Glad that you are on the downhill run with it.

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