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September 17, 2007



Casablanca is my dad's favorite movie. I watched it for the 1st time a few years ago and was surprised at how romantic it was! He is such a non-romantic guy that I just expected something different!

Happy movie-watching!

Kristen M.

What a good way to choose movies. We don't usually rent movies...but a few weekends ago we watched 3. If you haven't seen it, you could add Blood Diamonds to the list (even if it's not an all time classic). Although it is a bit disturbing. It's one of those that makes you think. So many Americans are content to live in ignorance. I was suprised, I've actually seen a bunch of movies on that list.


I haven't seen many of the movies on that list, I really haven't seen many "classic" movies like gone with the wind. I don't like the Godfather or Godfather II. A couple not on that list, but should be- "Hotel Rwanda" and "Crash".


I haven't seen many, either. Did you notice that none of them were after 2000? Makes you wonder what kind of movies have come out recently . . . either that or it takes a while for them to become "great".

Sheepish Annie

I'm embarassed by how few of these I've actually seen! I should get around to a few classics during the winter months.

Janice in GA

I've seen about 3/4 of the movies on the list, and I know I've seen parts of others on there. If you have Turner Classic Movies on your cable or satellite system, keep an eye out there because a lot of these movies come through on that channel. That's where I saw The Philadelphia Story and Bringing Up Baby (multiple times.)

There are a few that I don't care if I ever see, like Godfather II & III and Goodfellas. I *hate* gangster movies. Hate hate hate. And there's a few I'm not sure how I missed, like The Graduate, Taxi Driver, and A Clockwork Orange.

And to Jessica, who noticed how old most of these movies are: watch when they post an updated list in 10 or 20 years. I'm sure it'll be different!


I'll have to go back and look more closely, but I don't think anything made within the last ten years made that list. Wonder what that says about our modern culture?


Some of those movies I have seen a dozen times! (#77, #55, #42,#11) This was fun. Thanks for the post. I watch alot of movies. The best movie I saw this past year was "Amazing Grace"


I always check the AFI lists! Its a good way to get some of the classics in as well. I'm so glad Movie Night has inspired some actual movie watching for you and Heatherly!


Oh, by the way, "The Apartment" is such a fun movie...I was a bit surprised by the humor and content for it's day. Harmless, but a bit edgy for it's day.


i can't believe you haven't seen singing in the rain!!
I think I've seen lots of those, my husband loves old movies.

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