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September 06, 2007



Be careful with that trash can. ;-)


It sounds like you've been pretty busy!
What are you using for the Shetland triangle? I just bought the yarn for it yesterday.
I'm still waiting for my Ravelry invite...only 14,480 people before me in line when I checked last night. ;)


I have the same issue when they send me a coupon, I always have to go and use it. =)


I love embroidery. IT's been such a long time since I've done any projects. When I was younger, it was one of my favorite needlearts. Do you like the book that you got?

Sheepish Annie

Hmmm...I wasn't too far behind you in the Ravelry sign up process. Maybe my invitation will turn up soon! That would be fun!!

I also just switched to a trash can with a lid in the bathroom. I throw many, many tissues on that lid.


We balked at the price of the stainless steel and ended up with a plastic bin with lid. Of course pretty soon after, one part of the step pedal broke. Fortunately the pedal still works because it is hanging on by another part :)
You defintely do not want to regress back to a messy house. I speak from painful experience because that's where I'm at now :(


oh, too funny about your trash can!

i am on ravelry as friendtofriend....i will look for you when i devote time to it......i started, but boy, does it suck the time away!


Tee hee, we have a "SimpleHuman" trash can as well as drain board. I love saying "Simple Human," especially with a "robot-esque" voice :). Keep it out of the sunlight. Stainless steel COOKS garbage, I speak from icky experience.

And the colors look super nice on your swatch.


I LOVE the chevron colors you're "swatching"! Hee.


I like the colors too. It looks like everyone is making that type of scarf. Is it hard?


The the colors in your chevron scarf. What yarn are you using?


I have the very same trashcan and I love how it quietly closes its top. Imagine spending time looking at the various features of trashcans. My husband and I must have spent 20+ minutes going over the various features. More money than I wanted to spend but very happy with our choice. Boy, what kind of life do I have??? Joy from a trashcan!


My goodness! You have PLENTY to keep you busy-busy-busy!! See you on Ravelry!!



hello! it is me!
how do you like the malbrigio. i have heard from some that it is too delicate, but think they grip their needles a bit too tightly :-)
how is it behaving for you?


i think the colors on your chevron look great!

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