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September 11, 2007



Mine looked pretty compact before I blocked it, too. Hopefully you'll get good results with yours. Knit Picks has a reasonably priced set of blocking wires, I think.


Hee hee, frog a room! That's funny :)

Even if the pattern doesn't look right to you at the moment, I can assure you that blocking makes a HUGE difference. The yarn will soften once it's soaked, and the pattern will relax and look the way it's supposed to. If you got gauge, then I wouldn't worry. Seriously, when it comes to lace, blocking is absolute magic. Even things I thought would look awful turned out to be pretty after a blocking.

As far as the blocking wires, I bought mine through Knit Picks, because it seemed like they had the best price. I think they are a pain in the butt to use, but then again, so is pinning out every little point on a shawl. They do give a nicer edge, though, that's for sure.


Sounds like you might be right. You might need a larger needle. I usually go up a size when knitting lace. That seems to be the trend anyway. Weird, because I have to go down a hook size when I crochet.

Restless Knitter

Funny dream!

When I read the last half of your post it was like deja vu. I would have sworn I'd read those exact words before. But not the first half. Weird.


I have that dilemma always when knitting lace - are the lacey holes big enough, am I using the right needles size? A second opinion might be useful - is there another knitter around whom you can show your knitting to? But your dream is funny, especially the deatils that don't make sense :)

Kristen M.

Funny husband has started saying..."are you going to blog about this?" I'm not sure about the lace...I've not tried any lace knitting myself yet. Good Luck!

Sheepish Annie

Frogging a room!!! I love that. I would very much like to frog my living room. Very, very much!!!

I think that if the shawl is fun, then it's been worth it. It'll be whatever it's meant to be and I'm guessing that it will look lovely once it's finished.


Gosh, I would like to frog my entire house and yard. Can't wait to see your FOs!


Bloggin' about froggin'! Funny stuff!


That's hilarious! I love it when dreams are so bizarre, they're funny. I think your shawl will look fine. Carole says so, and she is a lace making goddess. Can't wait to see it!


I'm trying to remember what kind of blocking wires I have...they're from here...(just googled)

I will say though that I didn't even use blocking wires for my first 5 lace shawls however, just old fashioned T-pins from Joann's and soaking it in warm water for 30 mins or so will do the trick, unless you'd really like to try the wires.

Kristen M.

You did just have a random day, but still I tagged you. I have a disclaimer at the bottom. Check it out.


Blocking really does work wonders. Depending on your yarn, it may stretch a lot. So don't worry, but if you have an LYS close by to ask, I would do that too. I took my camisole there yesterday for that reason (I'm so tired of ripping it out!).

I have the Knitpicks blocking wires that I've used twice and I do like them a lot. The set comes with T-pins and also a yardstick so you can get your borders straight. Next purchase is going to be the blocking board with the grid lines on it, as I think that will make it even easier than using the ruler. Let us know how it goes!!


That dream was so funny! What color was the room? I have never attempted to make lace, so I cannot help you with that one. But best to you. It will most likely be a great, grand surprise!

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