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September 14, 2007


Restless Knitter

I just finished a puzzle tonight. I was shopping at Tuesday Morning a couple of weeks ago and picked one up on an impulse. I hadn't done one in years. And I probably won't do another one for years. It cut into my knitting ans surfing time too much :)


I didn't know any of that stuff! The paper mill stuff sounds neat. So what is the softest bath tissue in your opinion? I used to insist my husband only bought charmin for years but lately it has seemed sort of "powdery". I used to work in an ad agency and loved all the printing paper samples!

Kristen M.

Wow. The Paper Mill. I'm surprised that I haven't seen much in the way of paper crafts here. Or was that experience enough. My good friend was a packaging engineer, like designing the boxes/bags/etc. our food comes in. It always cracks me up when she won't eat something because she can taste the mylar (the foil bag in a box of crackers). But really...should we all be eating that stuff???

That fine line you have with E. I totally get that. And I was "not with it" like you in school. With 5, as we're working on reading...we were reading a short a sound book yesterday...and he came across the word gas. He couldn't contain the giggling. I've not let them learn the word fart yet. I know that time will come soon enough. But, I didn't want my little ones walking around repeating that...because that's how they do it...over and over. So for now, they say to each other, "oh, did you have gas? say excuse me."

Things like that make me so happy to have them at home while they are this young. I'll have to write something to remind myself of that when thier behavior makes me want to send them to the school across the street and go sit at a Starbucks.


I love Scrabble! JR and I play! Did you see the Scrabble documentary, "Word Wars?" It's a great film.


Paper mills. P-U! We used to live near a Bowater newsprint mill in TN. If the morning was really foggy, you could smell it 25 miles away. I always thought it smelled like cooking broccoli, which smells bad but tastes good. I guess paper is similar--smells bad to make, but you can do cool things with it. I think it's so neat what you did, and I relate--I miss being a hotshot in my old job, too. Maybe nobody else thought I was a hotshot, but I have a lot of work pride and worked hard to be knowledgeable and useful.

Sheepish Annie

I grew up in a town that was built around a paper mill. It was the center of our lives! One of my fellow classmates climbed the tallest smokestack and hung a class banner one night as a senior prank. This was actually rather dangerous...and the fact that I knew that probably means that I wasn't exactly "with it" back then either. And look how great we turned out!

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