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September 04, 2007



The scarf is so pretty. I find that variegated yarns work very well for scarves. I'm sure you had fun knitting it and seeing how the colours turn out as you went along.


Lovely scarf. I have yet to knit a lace project, but have my eye on one I found in Ravelry. Maybe sometime this fall I'll cast on for it. Cute dog, too. My cat does the same thing - following me around, talking to me, coming to bed.

Restless Knitter

Very pretty colors on the scarf. Congrats on your first lace project!


What a lovely scarf, Beth! It will make a wonderful gift.


The scarf is wonderful! Yay for you and your first lace project. May it be the first of many!


Ooh the scarf is very pretty!


The scarf is lovely! Great work!


Beautiful scarf! I have a cat that sounds very much like your dog in terms of demanding service from me only...


So, so pretty!


Aw, how can you not love a dog that wants to be with you all the time? Aren't they wonderful companions? Mine is attached to my husband at the moment and I get the hotdog, but, she's been around forever and loves her servant as much as Pheobe does.
Sheri in GA

Kristen M.

I love your scarf...but I'm totally excited about the Lego team. My husband just ordered all the catalogues for lego educators...and mine are too young for robotics, but I'm sure that he'll want some of that stuff for Christmas. I get so excited when girls like math/science. And she crafts with you. Your E has the makings of a great designer. Architects, Engineers, Product Designers, even Fashion Designers use all those skills. You've opened the whole world to her. I'm sad when most people think that robotics aren't for girls. ...Sorry, kind of wordy...just where my heart is.


I love the scarf. Such pretty colors.

And your puppy is adorable. And Jane Austen? And Mr. Darcy? Sigh!!

Sheepish Annie

That scarf is beautiful! Nicely done for a first lace project... or any lace project!

And Phoebe's little face? Too cute for words. Just. Too. Cute.


What a gorgeous scarf, Beth! Love it. Whomever you give that to will just love it, too.

Sorry I didn't call you the other day! I keep getting sidetracked.


your scarf is beautiful!

hurray for Legos. :) we love them at my house.


oh...your misty garden scarf is beautiful! at first i thought it was the chevron....




Ah - we LOVE Legos around here! How fun that she's in a Lego team!

That scarf is impressive. I picked up my knitting needles after not knitting for a few months (and I've never made it past the beginner's stage) and I was SO uncoordinated!


oooh, I love her smushy little face! We used to have a pug, don't they have the best personalities?

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