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April 26, 2006



I think most people work more than one project at a time. If there is something I am working on that is not real exciting, and there is something I REALLY want to work on, I will knit for a specific time on the more boring project. Then working on the fun project is a treat.

I like the sweater you are making. It looks like it will be a fun knit. And if you can do socks, a sweater won't be that hard!!


You're definitely not the only one. I always have a ton of projects going on at one time. Variety keeps me interested!


Everytime I think I have my projects down to a manageable number somebody goes and posts something that I justhave to START RIGHT NOW. I'm off to get Cascade for that BAG!!


Back in the day...long ago when I bought one ball of yarn at a time...or just about...I was very much a "one-project" kind of gal. Wow, that was then...Now-a-days I average 3 projects at a time. Right now I have "the never-ending scarf" (really, it just doesn't seem to be gettin ANY longer anymore...sheesh), my 2nd pair of "adult" socks that I'm doing at the same time, so you could count them as 2...but I am also in the MATHS (ick) part of figuring out my first sweater project. My justification is easy, they're all on differnt sized needles to keep the carpel-tunnel at bay...or something :).

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I ripped my first sock back to the ribbing cuz I hated the way the pattern was going as well. I ended up doing my first socks as plain stockingette, just to see if I could do it, you know?


You are not alone. I have 4 projects on the needles right now - a sock, two bags that will be felted, and a scarf that I've been working on for months. I now how you feel, Mary, it truly is never-ending.
Your yarn is beautiful. I say you throw caution to the wind and start the socks!


You all made me feel better. Plus, I actually finished something today, that helps. Actually, I did cast on for the socks today...several times. :) I now have 1/2 inch of ribbing with one tiny mistake that I might fix since I just made it 31 stitches back.


Many years ago, a friend of mine's mother who was an avid knitter, taught me a very easy way to get practically any item finished fast. She would work on one project at a time, knit one ball of yarn each day, and allot enough time to do it in one session. She was a wonderful knitter and it was always great to see what she had finished and was wearing (or Brenda, her daughter) not just starting projects and having them all waiting to complete (Im guilty!!!). Still a good plan I think, if one has the time and motivation to carry it out. G

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