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April 25, 2006



Yarn, yarn and more yarn. More specific....colorful yarns in pastel hues.


I would buy workhorse yarns with most of it--especially those that could do double-duty, such as Cascade 220, which makes great knitted fabric AND great felted fabric. But I would save out about $40 for sock yarn. With socks, you know exacty how much yarn you need, and then whenever you get a hankering for knitting them, it's there waiting for you. And patterns are easy to come by, especially free internet ones.


Ok - here are two ideas. First, I am absolutely in love with Blue Sky Cotton. Its the perfect summer yarn for cardigans and vests, and if I am buying yarn today, I want to use it today!! But, if I had a $100 spurge I think I'd fill in my Addi collection. It would be a great way to always remember the gift giver as you'll have those needles forever.


I think I would buy a lot of one special yarn- something that you know you could use for a sweater. I have so many single balls of this or that, which won't get put to good use...I have started deciding what I like best and buying like 10 balls of it (depending on what you would need for a sweater).


If I had a $100.00 gift cert. I'd buy the most expensive yarn I could to make a sweater. I'm always looking at the gorgeous, soft, $30 and $40 a skein yarn and thinking 3 or 4 skeins and I could have the softest sweater ever! So, I say go for it and buy the best you can and make a $100.00 sweater (vest, shawl, whatever.)
Happy Shopping! And Happy Knitting!
Sheri in GA


Right, well, I came via "Knits 'n Grits" so I did a bit of an archive skim before I decided what "I'd" buy. You're a bag and felted item knitter, that's pretty obvious. I'm a small project sock/hat knitter myself, not so much the felting...only by accident :). So my deal is to buy "superwash" wool, which, duh, no good for you, eh? As I'm addicted to making socks at the moment, superwash sock wool to be more specific. Have you tried socks? That's pretty much how I got started, someone gifted me yarn and I borrowed the needles and viola, socks too small for me, but perfect for my mom.

So, to generalize...I'd try something new with the GC. I mean, you don't have anything to lose, and you might like it! If not, there's always the "Destash for Cash" blog :).


What to do with $100? I'm pretty new to knitting so I would probably buy a few skeins of a yarn that I've heard a lot about but haven't used yet, like Koigu. Or some Lorna's Laces since I've heard it's great and I'm really into socks right now. I would spend the rest on needles. Like I said, I'm new, so most of my needles are the aluminum ones I picked up at the craft store. I do have some bamboo DPNs for my socks, but I would like to try some different needles to see which I like the best.
Have fun shopping!


I would buy enough Blue Sky Organic Cotton for a summer cardi; then with any extra money, I'd buy sock yarn - Koigu and Cherry Tree Hill. Have fun!


If I had a $100 to spend at a yarn store, I would buy enough yarn and patterns to make something special for me and also something special for my Joe. He is so good to me, Ive only made him 1 vest so far, have a beautiful Lopi cardigan in progress for him right now. I always enjoy making gifts of any kind, knitting, crocheting or sewing usually my crafts of preference. Type of yarn, pattern etc...Id have to wait and see what struck my fancy. Better to go to the store open to new colors, patterns and yarns,then to be dazzled when just the right choices are obvious. Great idea for a contest, thanks and BFN :)


THis is a hard could stash up on all the traditional yarns for projects like Cascade, Brown Sheep, etc. OR you could buy that one yarn that has always been too expensive to splurge know the one you always go to and hold and feel it every time you are in the store. Since I'm a practical person my gut would be to stock up on the basics but since I never get a splurge I think I'd find the yarn of my dreams and buy enough to make a wrap or shawl so I could feel the beauty of the yarn every time I wear it.


I think I would buy something I can't normally buy...Some Rowan KidSilk Haze and Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb. Of course, I'd throw in some extra money of my own to get it all!

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