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May 15, 2006



We have the wood swift (from Joanns) and it works great. It is also the same as the one our LYS uses. and, being wood - it almost looks like art! We leave our out, clamped to one of my office bookcases, all the time!


I have a wooden swift...I waited and waited and bid and bid again on ones on Ebay. Got mine for $45 with shipping and it is WONDERFUL! Might be worth checking out.


Beth, I also have the wood swift from I waited till there was a 50% off online coupon, and bought it then (it ended up being $29.99!). It's beautiful (it's made by Lacis, who are very well-respected in the lacemaking community--I know this from my tatting days). It's super-smooth and sturdy, and like Lynda said, almost a work of art. I have to put mine up so DJ won't play with it, but I might be tempted to leave it out otherwise. It's really great, and I recommend it without reservation.

I got my ballwinder from KnitPicks, also at a discount, but not as much of a discount as the swift. It's the same old blue and white Royal ballwinder that everyone uses.

Love your purple yarn, btw! And I'm sorry about the poison ivy. Been a while since I had any, and I don't want to repeat that.


I have a woodswift that is not an umbrella swift. It is flat with adjustable pegs. I like it..but it sits flat on the floor or on a table. I usually set it up on the floor with my ball winder attached to my couch arm (futon) and wind away. The only problem is the cat thinks it is a fun game and sits and watches it intently and occassionally swipes at it. They were the best Christmas gifts ever!


Oouuuucchhhh...poison ivy. Ive only had this displeasure once in my life and that was plenty...Hope its on the way out, the only thing that helped me was calamine lotion, relief for at least a few hours. Amazing what that little innocent looking plant can do.
Take care Beth, BFN, G :)

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