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July 06, 2006



I get General Tso's chicken. I can't eat anything with "curd" in the name. Hee.


I am so predictable....according my husband - either sweet and sour chicken or sesame chicken with a side order of cheese wontons:)


Same thing everytime..Szchueun (however you spell it) chicken, friend rice, and Crab Rangoon.


Hmmm if it's "chinese food" in Hawaii, Lemon/orange chicken.
Chinese food in mexico (they do have it), chop suey, really.
In Cali I liked Kung Pao, cuz of the name :), I always say it: Kung, POW!
In Washington? I dunno, it's been ages since I had Chinese.


Mmmm, Chinese food. Ok, at least I know what we're having for dinner tonight! (Trader Joes has the best Orange Chicken) - get a little stir fry going, and some yakasobi noodles (ok, those are Japanese, but works for me)! Man, now I'm hungry!!


Eight Treasure Chicken - with a side of chili paste! mmm,good!


Chicken with broccoli, and fried rice. Now I know what I'm eating tonight.


Wow, congrats on 'the studio' Beth...that sounds terrific and well-deserved!

Chinese food, being vegetarians, we stir towards the vegetable stir-frys and spring/egg rolls, natch.

Happy Weekend, G


Sweet and sour all the way!!

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