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July 13, 2006



I love the quilted chair pad! It's so cute. And I can't believe how fast the tissue cozy got to you--I'm glad you like it!

Sheepish Annie

I just linked to you from the Stoned Knitter's site...I thought I was the only one who liked peanut butter and tomato on toast!!! You have no idea how much flack I've taken for this. Cucumber is good too. I just started sewing again after a six year hiatus and love your chair cover idea. If I ever get my skills back up to par I may try something like that.


The chair cover is beautiful - I want to make one for myself now! You're like me - heaven forbid we should get rid of any fabric!


If you run out of fabric Beth, just let me know...I have enough for the next 50 years and then some, stashed!!! Sewing is one of the most economical, fun hobbies, there is. Knitting and crochet are great but they can get very expensive.

Good luck with the sewing, I like the quilting you did for the chair BTW.



That is such a cute seat cover! Good thinking!


Hi. Sorry I haven't responded to your comments. It's that lack of sleep/too much work/must finish socks need. To answer your question about the questionnaire? I went for quality. Why not go for broke afterall :).

I'm off to a 4-hr (total w/o including a possible side trip to Canada) driving trip tomorrow so I must prepare my knitting bag :).

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