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August 16, 2006



Oh my gosh, I LOVE that postcard! It's awesome! The color combinations you used are brilliant. And I love the quilting stitches. It looks just like those postcards at the fancy-pants websites. I'm so impressed! Just goes to show, you are your own worst critic.

I meant to tell you, I did use an extra piece of fusible fleece on the other postcard I made, fused to the muslin. That helped cover the stitching on the back of the file folder card. I guess yours was the one I didn't actually sew to the card, I just stitched the log cabin onto the fleece.


Hi Beth, In reference to your last line, its the opposite for me, I always loved sewing the best and probably always will. Crocheting second and knitting close behind, they are all wonderful hobbies though!!!! Love seeing your projects btw...

Huggs, G

Sheepish Annie

I tried to rekindle my relationship with the sewing machine this summer. It was fun, but I don't think I'm ever going to be a die hard seamstress. Knitting is so much more portable. And when you throw it in frustration it is a bit easier to pull it all back together as long as it stays on the needles. I'm still trying to track down all those tiny little quilting pins that were flung in a fit of angst a month ago!


I like your postcard. You are too hard on yourself! (aren't we all?) And I have enjoyed picking up my knitting again, too.


How pretty, the postcard has such gorgeous details and colors. Good luck with the ipod, it will hold a ton of info, and I keep all my knitting pictures on there. It's so much fun! =)

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