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August 22, 2006


Sheepish Annie

The transition from "hanging out at home and knitting when you feel like it" to "getting up every morning and teaching while you think about knitting" is a tough one! But I guess we are lucky to have the time off! Good luck on your first day of school!


You are always entertaining Beth. Short posts now and then are even a nice change. I did one today!

I'm guessing you are a good teacher! Hope all goes well. I loved returning to school and remember some special teachers I had, even now.

Huggs, G


Introduce yourself and the ground rules in 5 minutes, making sure they get the handout with everything written on them with the bit they can sign and cut-and-return to you before the end of the week, really does only take 5 minutes...then do the activity, IMPLEMENTING your ground rules and using your grading system as visual/this is how it's gonna work examples.


Now, you're gonna blog about, um chess? Newspapers? (black and white stuff you know :))


Love your swatch. But it's Malabrigo so how could I not? What color is that? I must have some of my own!


Love the color on that swatch. Go back and read this post- and then think about a time not very long ago when you were nervous about knitting your first sweater-you have really grown haven't you!!!!!! Doesn't that feel great??


I know how you feel about school starting! So much to do and so little time! Isn't it amazing how it all comes together when the children are there with you? It will be wonderful, I'm sure! Enjoy them and the pleasures of teaching!


Ahhhhh--a whole sweater made out of Malabrigo! How decadent. That will be a real keeper. I think the green will look really pretty on you, too!

No guesses about the neutral/black/white thing. Unless maybe you have a Dalmation?


I love the color!

I hope meeting your class and parents goes/went well!

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