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August 28, 2006



It looks blotchy to me. Very strange.


Did the yarn "bleed" at all when you washed your swatch? I'm wondering if it did maybe giving the skein a warm/very warm water rince might even out what you have...but I don't know what I'm talking about so listen to more experienced people, okay? That was just a crazy thought as I am avoiding filling in yet another job application...urgh.


I hope E is feeling better- bloody noses are no fun.

I'm sure you did wonderfully playing at church. I play the piano Sundays, and I hear ALL my flub-ups... but everyone else says they never hear them... I'm not so sure about that... but I just keep telling myself, it's for Him, and let Him use me as He sees fit.

I've been doing it for years, and still get nervous!


I hope E feels better soon. Sinus infections are miserable.

The Malabrigo is kettle-dyed, isn't it? That's probably where the color variations (and even a lack of color) come from. My advice would be to alternate skeins every few rows to make the variations less noticeable. Are there many areas with no dye at all? If there aren't, maybe you could cut those areas out, and spit splice it back together. Good luck!


Glad the playing went well. I still get terribly nervous everytime I sing too, but people are always complimentary. I always tell myself that most of the people listening aren't musicians, so they aren't going to notice the small things.

Restless Knitter

It looks like you might get some pooling. And it doesn't look like the skeins are identical so that would another concern. I'd probably try alternating skeins every couple of rows and see how that goes.

Hope E is feeling better. Sinus infections aren't fun.

Well I can't help at all with the knitting and color concerns as I'm not at all experienced in those areas.
I can say though that the only one to notice any sloppy notes in your playing will have been you.:) Your playing will have sounded great to everyone else and to Him above!
Get well wishes to E...the sight of my child's blood always unsettles me.
Thanks for your comments.
I read your comment to Katie about blue goo. Could you email that recipe to me too?


That last post was from me. It didn't show my name the first time.


I love the variegations on that yarn! Maybe alternating skeins as you go would work.

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