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August 14, 2006



Yes, still here...
I have an iPod Mini, which they don't make anymore, that holds about 4 gigs of music. This is very very little, but then again the battery lasts very very little, about 4 hours. I have multiple Audio books and it lasts almost through a whole one.

30 gigs is more space than my laptop used to have...I only have about 6 gigs of "MP3'd" music. I haven't tallied up the audio books. It's way more than enough room for me as I like to change the playlists around when the battery dies. With 30 gigs, you may never have to do that... The batteries, I hear, last a good long while now too.

Word of advice (I am a cautionary tale here), keep the music volume as low as you can when going out in the world. Your ears are amazingly good at hearing cars, bikes, skateboarders,etc., before you actually see them. Bicycles HURT when they hit you, trust me.


Yay for the iPod! I am completely addicted to mine. I have a 20GB model that I got over a year ago. It's about half full-I put my over 200 CDs on it. I also have a lot of podcasts and audiobooks on it that I plan on erasing once I listen to them. I don't think there would be any danger of filling a 30GB iPod unless you use it to store photos or other data.

On the exercise front, I found the iPod to be great motivation. I hate exercising, so I make music playlists that perk me up and I listen to books while walking. I also download workouts from iTrain, and they are great. Good background music and motivating trainers for all kinds of workouts - cycling, treadmill, weights, etc.


Cool postcard, what a lovely idea, and certainly one to keep. Sorry, can't help with the techno-???, I am techno-challenged and just manage a PC and DVD player LOL... G


I have a 6 MG iPod mini, which holds about 1500 songs, and mine is full... so I'd go for the 30 GB personally. I love mine, especially when walking - I have a playlist filled just with praise music and it's some of my favorite devotional time.

Very cool postcard!


I'd like an ipod and think I'm going to ask my mom and dad for one for Christmas. I'm the only one in my family (i.e. parents and brother) who doesn't have one. I think I'd like it so I wouldn't have to lug around 8-bajillion CDs in the car (I think they make converter-things you can put in your cassette player that the ipod plays through). The kid CDs alone are swamping my console. So, I said all that to say that I will be interested to hear about what you end up with.

I'm glad you like the postcard. It was fun to make.

Sheepish Annie

I don't use my ipod as much as I used to, but I have to admit that it was a great way to listen to books. I also have a small "freebie" mp3 that I use for podcasts and the like. However, I tend to watch the tube or knit when excercising rather than use the ipod. After my doctor "took me to task" I bought a miniature bike through EBay (it's just the pedals and a calorie/mileage counter) that fits under the coffee table. Believe it or not, that foolish little thing wiped out 60 or so pounds from my Sheepie frame! And I can knit on the couch just like I would be anyway!!;)

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