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August 30, 2006



Beth you expressed the way I feel about blogging so well. Thanks


What an eloquent post, Beth. I love the sharing that happens in the knit blogging world. And many times, when I'm not even in front of my computer, I'll wonder "how is so-and-so doing?"


Hi Beth, Great minds think alike!!!! LOL...Just yesterday, I was thinking about how blogging brings so many people together, sharing interests and learning so many new things too. What a different world it is now, thanks to the Blogging community. I know I love Blogland and all my blog buds who have taught me SO much. Thanks for the nice compliment too, better get cooking!!! Huggs


You hit the nail right on the head. It is so great to check on our blog friends, and keep up with them this way! I did lengthen the straps, just need to graft (I HATE GRAFTING!) and I'll take a pic!!!


That's pretty cool. You're right, we get to talk to all our knitty friends every day!

Sheepish Annie

"Radio Homemakers" is the perfect analogy for what we all do! I often find myself thinking about my blogger buddies throughout the day and how they're coping with obstacles and triumphs in their knitting and "real" lives! We often hear about how the computer isolates us. I have found a whole new ring of friends online and the relationships are just as rich as those in real time.


That is so sweet and so on target. Boy, sometimes I long for those simpler days! Farmhouse, radio, gardening, mothering. Now it's carpool, grocery store, Wal Mart, work, team practices, blah, blah, blah...and I don't even know anything about that yet because my kids are still mere babes.


What a beautiful post! It is so wonderful to connect with people who share common interests and support each other through the ups and downs of not only knitting projects, but real life circumstances too. I've only been blogging since the beginning of summer, but I feel like my life is so much richer knowing all of you!


Aww,what a wonderful post. Ernesto was mostly a washout. We got sprinkled on..that's it!


This is Sheri, from my house to your house, have a good day, too!
Sheri in GA
PS Wrote the name of the books down, have to look for those. I know just how those women felt too, without the knitting blogs I wouldn't know half of what I know now and like you wonder how everyone's doing out there in blog land.! Thanks for a wonderful entry, I loved it!


Isn't it interesting that human natural is the same no matter the decade - the need for human contact.


What a wonderful post! I love how knitblogging brings together knitters from all over the world, sharing ideas, thoughts, patterns, etc. Though I've never met a blogger face to face, I still like to think of my fellow knitbloggers as friends.


Fabulous post! In essence some things never change. Thank you for the book reminder. I'm heading t the library this morning. BTW, the hurricane fizzled. Now I need to find out more about Patti's cami straps! :)


I LOVE this post. It's so true. I have few friends here, and no knitting friends. It is such fun to check in, and see how everyone is doing.


You are completely on target, friend! I love Fannie Flagg books and there are a couple that have neighbor Dorothy and the Little Blind Songbird in them. Sometimes when I'm riding through the middle of nowhere Nebraska or South Dakota I hear a womon an the radio giving recipes involving grated carrots and Miracle Whip and I think of Dorothy!

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