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September 05, 2006



You're doesn't look right and definitely too tall. The only way a shoulder would look like that is if it were a saddle shoulder. Hope you figure it out...have you ever knit both sleeves at the same time? That is a great way to get them both done at once (I always HATE the second sleeve) and they will be exactly the same.


I'm sorry, I'm working on my very first sleeve right now, myself, so I can't help here. I'm WAAAAAAAY down near the cuff...


Hi Beth,

I'm still on the back part, so I'm not sure wrt: this particular pattern, but I agree with Estella that it definitely looks too tall. I also agree with her to knit both sleeves at the same time -- it makes those bind-off rows so much easier. Looks great though! If you have other questions, I'd recommend posting at the CPH Knitalong looks like some people are way ahead of us, so that means they've worked out the problems -- woo-hoo!! :)


It does look kind of tall- I think it is a good idea to post it on the knitalong site, since others have finished their sleeves.
As far as the knitting the sleeves together- it makes it a lot easier for me since sometimes if I miss a decrease I might just slip it in when I remember. Then knitting both together helps because they will end up just the same....

Sheepish Annie

I'm also leaning towards "tall." But you can't go by me...I'm pretty limited in the sleeve knowledge department. Good luck!


I have only knitted drop and semi-drop sleeves, so I don't really know a sleeve cap from my big toe. But if you noticed a mistake, I'd say to fix it, which I think you were going to do anyway. And I also knit my sleeves at the same time. It seems to make them go faster, even if it's only an illusion!

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