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October 21, 2006



Well, with your mother visiting recently, and now your in-laws, it's quite understandable that blogging and emailing is taking a backseat! Have a wonderful, restful time on your little holiday this week, and spend plenty of time in that rocking chair, knitting away!

Sheepish Annie

Last week was not exactly "restful" in my classroom either...must be something in the air! Enjoy a well-earned break. Those chairs surely do look inviting!


We'll be at a state park next week too, camping. Yup, knitting, knitting, a pug fest thrown in and some more knitting! I love camping, I can knit forever!
We're going to Fort Yargo, so, if that's where you're headed, I'll look for the pug.
Sheri in GA


Sounds like you have been very busy Beth....Hope you get some free time and especially knit time soon. I love old rocking chairs, perfect for knitting.

The Mitz says thanks for the lovely compliments. Purrrrrr....

Huggs, G


Hope school slows down a little for you soon. Enjoy your break, the rocking chair certainly looks inviting.


I'm relieved to see someone else is a little frantic too...I feel badly for not keeping up with my blog and emails too. I hope you have a good week next week and get lots of rest and knitting done.


I loved Kennesaw Mountain! We used to go there all the time when we lived in Woodstock, but I don't remember the sock! I really do need to go back!

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