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October 03, 2006



Hahahahaaa...musical rooms is a very creative term for this activity! =) Good luck prepping for your mom's arrival.

Sheepish Annie

I live in a small condo...the game is pathetically short. Thus, I just don't have overnight guests anymore. No one wants to deal with the needy cats anyway!

Good luck with the cleaning!


Musical rooms... so thats what you call what we do every week before bible study....

Restless Knitter

Good luck on getting it all done. Have a wonderful time with your mom!


Yikes, sounds like fun! I'll be cleaning our bonus/office/craft/sewing/storage room next week before my mom comes. As you can see by its name, it's a veritable melting pot of stuff. Used to also be a "workout" room, until we sold my old recumbent bike.


Good luck! For what it's worth, my mom bought a tickle me elmo 10 years ago and saved it for 6 years until my daughter's 1st Christmas. (She was the first grandkid.) So we've had it for almost 4 years and both kids love it. There may be hope for elmo with your eventual grandkids, too.


Nothing bad will happen. The bad thing happens when you re-accumulate!
Hope you have a nice visit with your mom!



Throw it away (or give it away to charity, if it's still in good shape). I know that it feels wasteful sometimes, but when you live with all that extra stuff and keep having to move it around, it weighs on you and tires you might hurt for a minute to drop it off at the local charity, but you will feel awesome and light afterwards. Promise. :)


It is a great de-stressor to get rid of unused items. Giving things away so that someone else can use them, is the right thing to do. Piling things up and trying to find storage year after year, for unused items is tiring and doesn't accomplish anything. Id pack it up and ship it out Beth!!!


I've been throwing out stuff too, but I think when you are pregnant, they call it "nesting". I just think to myself, if I had to move tomorrow, would I want to schlep this with me? And, have I used it in the past year? If either of those questions is no, then I throw it out.

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