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October 16, 2006



Try knitting it with a complimentary 'normal' yarn, it might make it less onerous - the unfun fur makes up 90% of one of my lys. I never knew it came in so many variations. Good luck


Hmmm. I don't have any suggestions about the fun fur. Maybe pretend you're a muppet while you knit with it? I have to send you a photo of my worst fun fur project as a new knitter. It is so ugly. Or, maybe that's a post in the making! (Or, a contest!)

I hope you'll show us CPH progress photos soon! I'm so excited to start Ariann. But I have got to get some of these other things off the needles. I have been distracted by a pair of fuzzy feet.


That's so cute Beth...about no photos and use your imagination. I NEED photos Beth, I loved the look of your hoodie so far....hopefully youll have time to post photos soon.

Have fun with the 'fur'.

Huggs, G


You are definitely way ahead of me! Good for you!

I only used the fun fur for making cat beds, and I'll be happy if I don't see it anymore for a while (unless another kitty needs a bed).


How to make fun fur tolerable...lots of alcohol in your coffee....

Sheepish Annie

I say just forge through the fun fur then reward yourself with a beautiful, handpainted merino sock yarn or something once you've gotten through it!

Can't wait for hoodie pix...

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