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October 26, 2006


Sheepish Annie

I loooove the handwarmers! I've become more of a fan of those over the years. They're a quick knit and often more useful than a mitten. Like if you happen to work in a very chilly classroom... ;)


I need to make some handwarmers too but must.finish.CPH.

Lynne is such a sweetie. What a wonderful package she sent you!


Your handwarmers are too groovy Beth, I really love them. Hope the yarn doesn't pill, that's such a drag.

Glad your prize pkg. arrived and thanks for the kind words. The Cheddar muffins are a big fav. from NJFV....They don't last long around here. LOL.

Huggs, G


They look great, but I can understand not being happy with the yarn.

Great mail!


You know, I once thought I HAD to have Cash Iroha for a sweater, and I couldn't find it at an affordable price for I"m glad I didnt' get it! We don't like pills. The wristwarmer recipe is a good one, though!


You'll be plenty warm at the stove cooking those new recipes or wearing your beautiful wrist warmers or mittens! Congrats on winning the cook book!



Love your wristwarmers! I bet the Cash Iroha is super soft. I made those last year, and I did it before I discovered the error in the pattern. So mine go wavy across the top. One day I might take them apart and start over, but so far it hasn't bothered me that much. =)

Congrats on your awesome mail!


Cheddar Cheese muffins sound so good for a blustery day like today.


Very cool wrist warmers, but it is a bummer when you're not happy with the yarn. I bet they're soft and toasty, though.

I just love that Lynne!


Love the hadwarmers. I've been admiring them in LMKG for awhile. Sorry you're not happy with the yarn, but it looks great. It has a nice sheen.


Thanks for your lovely comment!! Your CPH looks really lovely. Glad my hint helped!!! Both of my fronts MUST be the same!!! I am obsessive about it!!! Your wrist warmers are great!!! (I really like !!!!!!s)


I love the wristwarmers. I just finished a piar myself and have been loving them with the recent cold weather we have had!


I love your wristwarmers. They're so beautiful.

I bought some merino style for it's softness and made some socks. I loved the yarn so much I bought tons more, and then realized that it does pill and doesn't look so great after it's been washed. It was an oh my god moment until I saw an ad at knitpicks for a stone that removes pills. I ordered one and it completely solved the problem on the socks I had made.

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