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January 23, 2007



Hope you'll take before and after pictures. I know you'll love your new floors.


Looking forward to seeing the new floors also. My brother and sister-in-law did laminate recently and it's amazing how much it changes the look of a room. My floors are probably the only really nice thing about my current apartment. As much as I'd like to find a place in better condition, I might just stay because of the hardwood loors. Silly!


We'll miss you! But, oh, new nice!


Oh, you will love your new floors! We'll miss you!! And when I made my mama's shawl for Christmas- I just left every lifeline in until I casted off- just to be safe!!!


I did the same thing with my Forest Canopy, frogged to a lifeline, then the mistake was before that. I ended up with the thing festooned with lifelines, because I became superstitious and I was afraid to remove them. I had a 350 yd skein of yarn, and used an 8 needle, and had quite a lot left.


Good luck with the flooring project. I hope that the installers do indeed finish on time.

That's a bummer about your Forest Canopy Shawl. Now that you're familiar with the pattern, the second attempt should go much more smoothly.

Sheepish Annie

Poor shawl...but it wasn't meant to be. Next time will be better, I'm sure of it.

Good luck with the floors!


Good luck with the flooring- I am sure it will look great!

Too bad about the shawl... I know the feeling!


I hope everything goes smoothly with the installation. We did half our house at a time, so I can relate to your having all your belongings in the kitchen. At night we had to go outside and around the house through the back door for tea, when the downstairs floors were done. We lived out of the basement (including the cats) for 6 weeks when the upstairs was done. In the end, it was worth it, but expect it to be a little stressful at times to say the least!


Here's to things settling down soon Beth. Hope the renos come out great and DO share pics when you can. I am missing blogging a LOT, hope things settle down here soon too and I can get back to Blogland in earnest.

Huggs, G

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