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January 30, 2007



Hang in there! You will be at 11.5 soon!

Sheepish Annie

I've never used fondant before so I'm not sure about the taste. But I think it is supposed to be "good" for a while.

Hang in there on the hoodie! It has to be finished at some is just a law of physics or something! And it will be great.


So sorry to hear about the cables...I winced when I read that one. Cara of January One miscrossed a cable and figured out how to fix, but I don't know if her solution will work with needing to remove extra cables. Good luck...keep us posted!


So sorry to hear about your hood! Good luck with the re-knitting.


Fondant is not the greatest tasting stuff, even when it is fresh. So your was probably good. I think you give up in taste what you get in beauty. I helped make a beautiful wedding cake for a girlfriend of mine, and we did use fondant. We tinted it a pale green color, and the cake was strewn with little daisies and ladybugs that we made of fondant, too. If I find a picture I will scan it and post it- it really was pretty.

Don't know about the cables- it sounds like it bothers you. It might be a good idea to frog the hood. You have worked so hard on the whole thing you don't want something about it bugging you. Just my $.02!


Oh no (wish I could give you a big hug). I'm sorry about the cables. I would do the same thing, as far as dropping just the cable sts and reknitting them. There may be some extra yarn to deal with, though, bc cables use more yarn than stockinette stitch does. But I would do almost anything to avoid ripping it.

I have heard that fondant isn't that delicious. It's more pretty than it is tasty, according to my neighbor who takes all of the Wilton cake decorating classes. What did y'all make with it?


You wearing your unfinished hoodie--now that's a pic that needs to be added to your blog! The crazy knitting lady wears her WIPs! It is a beautiful pattern, so I'm sure it would pretty midway through the work!

Good news from the doctor. My sincere thanks for your thoughtfulness.


Yep, hoods are just as bad as scarves (and sleeves, too). The black hole of knitting. It's made even worse when you discover a mistake. Did you try to drop the stitches and repair it that way? In my experience, when I drop stitches to fix a mistake, it looks awful, and I just end up ripping it anyway. I think it all comes down to how much it will bother you in the end. Ripping out your work is no fun, but if it makes the finished garment look that much better, it's time well spent. Good luck!


Oh NO! Did you cry? I would cry, a lot. Then put it away for awhile and sulk. I HATE re-knitting....

CPH is such a great pattern, though... it's gonna be worth it all in the end; really, it will.


If you decide to drop the stitches and try picking them up again, be sure you're sitting in a sunny window and using a crochet hook and smaller needles. If you look on January One's blog, somewhere, she tried it and it worked, so did The Yarn Harlot. I think you can do it!
Sheri in GA (who's still in Florida)


Haven't used fondant - just doesn't seem like real food to me.

My vest has been having that never-ending-feeling, too.


Wilton fondant does have a lot to be desired in the taste department. But what Wilton lacks in taste it does make up in cost.

We sell fondant by Satin Ice and Choco-Pan, they have a much better taste than the Wilton fondant, however they are also more expensive and are harder to find in local stores. You usually have to order on-line.

We have received lots of compliments from people who said they picked off the Wilton fondant when they ate the cake, but they went ahead and ate the Satin Ice or Choco-Pan when they used it. It doesn't taste as good as buttercream, but is edible.

Think of Wilton as the Chevy, Satin Ice as the Lexus, and Choco-Pan as the Mercedes. Choco-pan is more expensive than Satin Ice but a lot of ladies say they can roll-it out 1/2 as thin as either the Wilton or Satin Ice.

Hope this helps!

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