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January 20, 2007



I know how you feel! We've been remodeling "This Old House" for 10 years now and we still live like that when something big needs to be done. And, as for not putting it all back in when you're done? Yup, I do that too. And now that my kids are all grown up and moved out I have very little mess to clean up at the end of a day.

I say take all the knitting then you won't sit there knitting on one thing wishing you were really knitting on the other. :o)

Sheri in GA


Good luck at the robotics tournament. Last year was the first year our school participated in the SC tournament. The kids had a ball.
I know you'll quickly forget about the living arrangments once your floors are done.

Sheepish Annie

Every time I debate a remodel I think about how much stuff I'll have to move and the whole project gets shuffled to the back burner. I have grand plans, but little in the way of motivation. I'll just keep living in my 90's decor and pretend I'm "retro."

Each of the projects you mentioned is small enough that you could take one of each. That'll let you switch things up should the boredom set in. And you'll still have room in the old backpack for some snacks 'n such!


Isn't remodeling fun? Sawdust everywhere....

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