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January 10, 2007



I LOVE that green Malabrigo scarf! Nice projects. I'm interested in knitting the Central Park Hoodie- I'm anxious to see yours finished. I have to find the pattern, though.

That last swatch/needle/yarn requirement question is like a BAD math word problem from my school days - didn't make sense then, and I STILL can't figure that stuff out!!!


I love how the scarf turned out! That super-soft Malabrigo must be so nice wrapped around a neck.

To answer your gauge question, if you got gauge on size 7 needles, you should (theoretically) use the same amount of yarn as the pattern. I've knit two of those Forest Canopy shawls, one with only 250 yards of yarn, and they came out slightly larger than the pattern dimensions. If you're worried about the size, I would just knit it on size 8 or 9 needles, that way you have plenty of yarn to finish, and might even be able to add another repeat. If not, and you run out of yarn near the end, you can shorten the border pattern by at least two rows. I just started knitting another one (can you tell I love this pattern?) the other day, so if you need any more help, you know how to reach me :)


I have been wanting to make Men's Cashmere Scarf for a while - yours is beautiful!


Hooray! An almost finished CPH!! I know you can't wait!


Beth, everything looks beautiful! (What is it with my fingers today---I just typed that "everythong looks beautoful".) I know that scarf is amazing in person. And how great to have the CPH so close to the finish line!

I think, do what Rachel says. =) Because I am math-challenged. I'm going to knit another one of those really soon, after I finish the awful seed stitch star blanket. Your mom will love it.

Sheepish Annie

Very nice progress on the FOs!!! I love the scarf.

I am absolutely the wrong person to talk gauge. Rarely does The Sheep swatch...


You've certainly been busy! As for your shawl for your Mom. The nice things about lace shawls is you can end them when you want. So, if you think you have enough yarn for a few more rows, do one more row then cast off. I'm sure it won't matter to your Mom if it's an inch or 2 shorter. And, if you got gauge with size 8's, then that's the size needle you should use. They made the pattern shawl with 8's and it used 350 yards of the yarn. So, you're good to go.

Sheri in GA


I also agree with Rachel. Gauge is gauge. If you got it, then it works. Now, ahem...if we're gonna be pedantic about HOW you got gauge...weeeelllll, that's where the Murphy's Laws of Knitting come into play. But if Rachel was able to bust out the same shawl with 250, I'd say you're doing fine.


Congratulations on all those great FOs!!!! You are knitting up a storm!!!

Gauge: I never had a real problem til I tried to swatch for my pink camisole, which is that Rowan Cotton Glace yarn. It matters there because it's a fitted top, but it won't matter too much with your lace shawl. The lace stole I am making now is also sock yarn and I'm knitting it on a size 4 circular. I'll keep going on repeats (or not) until I have gotten close to the end of the ball and have enough for the border rows. In other words, what Rachel said. :) :)


I too must say that I love the scarf. I've knit that pattern before and really enjoy how it turns out. I like the colors in the yarn you're using for the shawl. What a wonderful idea for a gift for your mom. Hope she's feeling better!


So many FO's. Very impressive. Very inspiring. Can't wait to see the pieced together CPH.

Good luck with that gauge thing. I know gauge is our friend, but it never seems to like me. I think, theoretically, you should be fine with 7's, if you're knitting at gauge. It sure looks very pretty.


You certainly have been busy. I hope to see that cardi soon. Everything looks great.


You certainly have been busy. I hope to see that cardi soon. Everything looks great.


Wow, you have been busy. Gauge is beyond me. Do what Rachel says.She sounds wise! The FO all look great, but I love the hat.

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