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July 25, 2007



You mean it's not just me? I was on vacation in Hawai'i (on Molokai actually) when I got to um near the end of book 6, you know, when Dumbledore...sniff...sniff...I don't want to spoil the end of 6 you see...and I was BAWLING in the car on the way to the beautiful 3-mile-long beach...everyone kinda laughed at me...but I cried a whole lot for #7 too...


I cried, too. I don't want to post spoilers in the comments so I won't say exactly when.


Ditto on the crying thing. I always cry when I read, so it was no big surprise.

Sheepish Annie

Haven't lost control yet...but I suspect it's coming. I had a bad moment at the beginning, but was carding wool at the time while I listened to it. Blurry vision seemed like a bad idea, so I put on my "stiff upper lip face."

There are just so many life events that happened as I read/listened to these books and I always end up reflecting on what I was doing at the time. It is going to be a real gut-wrencher when it's over!

Love the embroidery! What talent!!


Hi Beth!
I have an award for you on my blog. Check it out!


I'm so sorry I missed your call yesterday! And I am so happy you like your little somethin's. I guess one of these days I'm going to have to read the HP books.

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