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July 20, 2007


Sheepish Annie

I really love dahlias...they don't grow as well around here, but are lovely for the time we have them!

The knitting is looking good. You are certainly getting a great deal done...oh how I envy your knitting progress!!!


Hmmm....halfway through the year and I have not made ONE present yet!

Restless Knitter

Ooo, I like your choice of colors for the fake isle hat.


We have to dig up our dahlias because they won't survive the cold winter. I bet that's what your mom was doing, too.


I love the hats. I actually bought yarn and planned for Christmas this year....guess I best get started!
Dahlia's have to be dug for winter here in Wy so I dont mess with them though they are beautiful!


We don't dig our dahlias up here either...I think it's because we don't usually have freezing. Of course, this was a bad year with frost (along with the no rain). Not as many of the dahlias came back and I lost quite a few gerainiums. You're really going to like the Coco Bag...or rather your SIL will love it. Mine has a great little magnet up at the top...if I can arange the camera...I'll take a photo for you.

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