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    Do everything in love.
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    Don't worry about anything, but in everything, through prayer and petition with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses every thought, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.


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July 12, 2007



The bag looks great to me! Thanks for sharing all of those wise tips.

Sheepish Annie

Excellent tips!!! I learned a lot last year about quilting, stitching and basic pattern language by making tote bags. I also learned that I will never have a career as a seamstress...

You, on the other hand, are well on your way to being the next great bag designer. Nice job!


That's really pretty, I like the colors together. I never sew late at night because that's when I always screw up.


Look at you with your gorgeous bags!! You are so talented!


Aw, jeesh, you're really making it hard for me not to go in and find that sewing machine! These bags you keep coming up with are awesome! I love this one, even though you listed out all the stuff you didn't like about it. It's adorable. Jeesh, where's my furniture polish?
Sheri in GA


It's so charming! The patchwork colours co-ordinate very well and the little ring adds a nice special touch. The size adds to the charm too, even though it turned out smaller than you would like.


That is really cute!


ahhh, beth, beautiful!
I hear you on the saving scrapes.....A couple of years ago, I gave away a whole box of rick/rack, binding, zippers.......KICKING myself too! Now I save EVERYTHING!


Don't sew late at night! Funny, I always seem to be racing Rip Van Winkle to complete a project...


Your bag turned out very cute. And I agree with all of your tips!


I'm going to have to start calling you a bag lady, because you are making some awesome bags! And I feel like you've been holding out on me, because you are such the whiz with the sewing machine, and I don't think I knew that... :0)


I love that bag! You've got some serious sewing talent. Where do you get the lovely hardware for the bag handles? It looks so much more professional than the regular sewn-on straps I make.


I think the bag looks very professional. Good job. Saving scraps is always a great thing, if room permits.


very nice job on your quilted tote! I love projects made from scraps.


Ditto on all of those! Do you use some interfacing on your lining? That can help stiffen it up. Also, I've quilted on fusible fleece instead of batting before - it's a bit stiffer. Cute bag, though, and while I like them more rectangular, square is awfully cute.


Looks wonderful to me, very cute!

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