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July 10, 2007



Wow! That bag is amazing. I'd be sorely tempted to start sewing bags. We all need a little break from knitting now and then.


I love the purse! The big wooden button is perfect!


That purse is soooo cute! I love the fabrics. As for the dilemma...I don't think there's any reason you can't have a knitting project OTN, and a purse waiting to be stitched, and maybe a papercraft set aside, and... Or you can leave the knitting in the car...and have the sewing for when you're at home. I for one need to have a simple knitting project (stockinette in the round with no shaping, or simple hat, or a plain blanket) in a basket for when I need to veg out. I'm not much for TV and sometimes other knitting requires too much thought at the end of a long day. Happy Creating! km


Oh, how stylish! You should sew another bag... for me! :0) Seriously, though, that is an awesome bag. Just right for a sock project?


SEW MORE BAGS! And then give one to me! Ha. Just kidding about the last part. But seriously, that bag is gorgeous, Beth! It is so, so great! And the button really is wonderful with it--perfect. I really do need to make myself a purse. I don't know why I haven't. Just another thing in the queue, I guess.

Sheepish Annie

Wow!!! Here's what I'm thinking: While the bag mojo is working, make more. If you can bear to part with them, tuck them away as holiday gifts! Even the non-knitters would love a stylish bag or tote as a gift. Especially one that is so beautifully made.

Nice Job!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love it! That is one awesome looking purse. Hmm, might have to try those 2 tutorials. Thanks!
Sheri in GA


I think making some more bags and putting them aside for CHRISTmas gifts is a great idea!
The bag is so adorable and I love the button, too.


I love it!!! I have made a couple of my own. I love fun bright purses for summer. And I don't care if they match!


I really like that purse! You did a wonderful job choosing fabric and the pattern.


Don't you wish there were more time in the day? I find myself in the same situation, wondering what to do next: knit, sew, or spin? Tough choices.

The bag you sewed is perfect! I love the fabric, but most of all I love the big button closure. It works so well with the colors. What fabric did you use?


The bag is adorable! I'm betting you can find a way to balance your sewing and knitting.


Your bag is gorgeous! I have been wanting to get more into sewing...but I just can't seem to find the time. I think that if only I had a few more hours in the day, oh the things that I could do!


That is one cute purse! You could probably sell them (1 to me) and make money for yarn!


You go, girl! The purse is beautiful. I'm getting the "sew a new purse" bug also.


Beth, it's fantastic! I love the fabric choices and that wonderful button. is very easy to get addicted to sewing bags!


Gorgeous bag!! Fabulous button.


Love the bag! It's beautiful!

And thanks for the wristlet tutorial. I've been looking all over for that exact pattern!


That is so pretty - what a wonderful job you did! The fabric and pattern details are just perfect!

Restless Knitter

Oh wow, I love that bag! I need to learn to sew.


Your purse is so pretty. I agree with everyone else, the button closure and the fabric you used for the straps really finish it off perfectly. Great job!!

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