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September 25, 2007


Kristen M.

Yeah for knitting and movies! I could use a fire in the fireplace, a movie and some knittig with a cup of hot lemon tea.


I can remember my parents having cheese fondue in front of the fireplace on special nights. I loved it!


Since my husband is half swiss, fondue is very big in our house. Of course, by fondue I only mean the original, family recipe cheese fondue. The only cheese that is acceptable is gruyere and emmentaler, half and half. And the nutmeg must be fresh ground! The pot we have is an enameled cast iron one that was given to us by my father in law. We always have fondue on Christmas eve.

I need more movie knitting! I never seem to get to be in charge of the TV though. I netflixed Borat but I have a feeling that would NEVER make the top 100. or even 1000. I do kow I have seen part of American Graffiti too but I am not sure how much. Please do report on how you like it!


Fondued out eh Beth!!! What a nice idea for a gathering....these recipes sound very rich and filling.

Have a great week....


sounds yummy! I love fondue, it's alot of work though isn;t it?


Yum! You made my mouth water. We do fondue every year for New Years but we do chicken, steak and shrimp and sever with twice baked potatoes and a big salad. Went to a restaurant up there that does fondue and oh, my, it was SO good!
Sheri in GA

Sheepish Annie

I haven't had fondue since the early 80's. I'm so glad that it's making a comeback. What doesn't taste better drenched in cheese??? Or chocolate???

Thanks for sharing the recipes and the thoughts on different pots. I may just have to make a little fondue one of these weekends when the weather cools off a bit.

Restless Knitter

Fondue is one of those things I haven't tried yet. Actually, the only time I've had it was at The Melting Pot and I liked it alot. Probably because they did the clean-up :)


I have not had much fondue, but what I've had, I've liked! Sounds like it was a fun time! Sorry I have been so bad with email. I'm smack in the middle of work. It will get worse before it gets better. But as soon as I finish this (or it slows down) and I finish DJ's wallaby, I am so ready for our next knitalong.

Easy Rider was hard for me to watch, too. I just turned it off eventually. I did like American Graffiti, esp. the music! But it has been a long time since I saw it. I loved seeing all of the huge stars, before they were huge stars.


Sounds like you are having lots of good knitting time with all the movies to watch! I'm thinking of subscribing to Netflix this fall. Is that where you get your movies, and if so, do you like it?


I am so going to order a Fondue Pot. It made me smile and the recipes look yummy. Reminded me of the Fondue Pot my mom had when I was a kid. It was either burnt orange or olive green. Does that date me?


Oh, what a great idea for a party!


Delicious!! And so much variety in your recipes!! My kids always favored dipping fruit in chocolate....although the steak strips and mushrooms in olive oil was a fave too!



I have not had fondue since the early seventies! I did not even know it was back "in"! Gonna have to give it another whirl! Thanks for the informative post.


I am one of the few, the weird, who have never had fondue...
perhaps this is due to my upbringing here in the west.


Oh, in the seventies, we really did up the fondue. I'll have to get that out again! Had I known there would be a big fondue re-do, I would have saved my pots! In fact, just the other day, I saw the sweetest little chocolate fondue pot at TJ Maxx...I was so tempted. Thanks for the recipes!


I have never had fondue, but it sure sounds good! I love the thought of dipping things in garlic-cheese sauce!


i have wanted a fondue pot for YEARS! i think it is time i bought one!
thanks for the links~!


Thanks for all the recipes and the inspiration for a great evening. I have 2 pots that I should bring out of hibernation.

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