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September 15, 2007



Very pretty, delicate shawl, Beth! It looks very nice in the picture on the left.

And, by all means, it definitely cries for a new dress, no matter what is in your closet!!


Sheepish Annie

Well, yeah. Of course you need a new dress. That's a given...

As far as the shawl goes, I'd think of it as a scarf. I used to wear a lot of the square dress scarves folded into triangles under coats or as an accessory. They look great with a pin or tied loosely over the shoulders. And that one is particularly stunning!


Your shawl is beautiful, Beth! I love the color. I like Annie's suggestion of wearing it like a scarf.


There are several shawl/scarfs that are popular despite being quite small. I like the way you have it modeled in the left photo. Very pretty.


It's so beautiful! I had a flower basket shawl about this size that I wore as a scarf round my neck. It's actually very covenient because I didn't have to contend with the long ends that come with the usual long scarves that one wears at the neck.


Beth, your shawl is lovely! I love the color too! I have a collection of patterns for shawls, wraps, stoles that I want to make but I haven't tried one yet as I have the same will I wear it? I agree with Leah's post...the way you wear it on the left hand photo looks great.


Wow, that turned out nice! Actually, I like the over the shoulder look on you :)


It's really pretty, Beth. I would loosely tie it like a scarf...or just drape it over your shoulders. The color is very nice, and I would think you have to find something to wear with it...dress, a cute jacket over jeans. Something!


Great job - it's beautiful! I would just loosely tie it over my shoulder like a scarf - and a new outfit? Definitely!


love the shawl!!!
I love wearing shawls that small.
I always wear them around my neck like a scarf.
I find that the more I try and make it look nice-it ends up looking worse.
I just put it around tie a knot in the front or side and bunch it up around the knot-eventually the point of the scarf finds its way out and it looks more natural.
does that even make sense?

by the way, baby surprise is really fun and really easy to knit


How pretty! I was going to suggest wearing it like a scarf as well, but it would be a shame that all the detail wouldn't show up as well. Sorry, I'm not much help here!


I think your shawl is beautiful. I have never removed an edging to knit more repeats, but if you would really like it bigger I say go for it. Make sure to have a lifeline in!

I knit a flower basket shawl that was about that size, I gave it to my mother in law and she wraps it around her shoulders at night while reading in bed. That doesn't help you though! I tried it on and figured the best way to wear it would be with a shawl pin, to the side like you have in your photo.

I changed my name on typepad to simplehappy so you may see it pop up in your bloglines!


That's BEE-YOO-tiful, Beth! I love the pattern, and the color! My Forest Canopy turned out smaller than expected, too. I think I would just wear it like a scarf.


I having been eying that shawl for quite a while now. You just gave me impetus to take a better look.


I actually love it this size.....and both ways shown....just "a little" something for your shoulders on chilly evenings! love the color too!


I agree, a new dress is definitely in order! I like how you are wearing the shawl in the first picture. That's how I prefer to wear my smaller shawls.


I think you can wear it a variety of ways depending on what else you're wearing. The photo on the left looks especially pretty, and you can also tuck it inside a coat if/when your weather gets cooler.


your shawl is beautiful...I love the color!

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