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September 19, 2007



Lucky you - Rachel's yarn is gorgeous - can't wait to see what you knit up!


i guess your cake was hotter than ours! :)
yes, that yarn is gorgeous!


She did a fabulous job. Both skeins are just gorgeous! You sound like me with the projects. I think my Ravelry queue is up to *cough* 51! *cough*!!


The yarn is beautiful, and I know you will make some great projects with it.

I did not understand the Ravelry thing either, but now that I am on it, I organized all of my books and needles. I have yet to catalog the stash. Once I do, I think it will be neat to look up the particular yarn and get some ideas of what to knit with it!


Happy belated birthday to S!

I'm so glad you like the yarn. Your picture of the sock yarn shows the color much better than mine did! I can't wait to see what you make with it, but from the sounds of it, you'd better get busy knitting! ;)

Sheepish Annie

Ravelry is my new favoritest thing...ever!!! I just love seeing what everyone is working on.

You'll love the Targhee. It's soft, springy and super warm. I spun some up back in the early days of wheel work. It ended up being socks and a hat that I still wear in the winter. Mmmmm...


The cake must have looked magnificent :) The Parisienne beret looks very pretty. You've got a nice list of upcoming projects, so it looks like you'll be having lots of fun.


Gee.. just think.. only ten THOUSAND people left to go in front of me before I get my Ravelry invite.....



Wow, so much on the go Beth...I agree the midnight blue yarn is so pretty. I am working on a cardigan right now in much the same colors, I love it.Love the flower photo in your new header!

See you soon, have a great weekend.

Huggs, G


Ooo, that's pretty yarn. I think I like the midnight/black one the best, but it was a hard decision. How lucky you are!

I'm still waiting for my invite on Ravelry, but, I spend too much time on this thing as it is, that'll make it worse. I have to set limits!

Sheri in SE GA


What great yarn. I have discovered that I'm partial to the semi solids. I will be selling off my more colorful hand painted sock yarns and buy more muted tones.
So has the Rav sucked you in yet? If it has, you'll understand why I have been a blog reader/poster slacker lately!

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