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October 16, 2007



Yikes. It's weird to hear you talk about running out of water. It sounds like such a third-world thing instead of the US, you know? When I was growing up in Taiwan, the electricity and water went out a lot more often than it does here. I remember that we'd fill the tub before a typhoon hit so that we could flush the toilets. My parents would be saving water in pots so that we could brush our teeth and have drinking water. Perhaps having a place to go in case of no water would be a good idea. God bless, Linda


I love that scarf/shawl! What a wonderful job you did! I'll keep your water situation in my prayers.

Sheepish Annie

Wow! I didn't realize it was so bad down your way. I'll most certainly send up a few requests on your (and the rest of the state's) behalf. I can't imagine being without water.

Love the new scarf! I've been thinking about adding that book to the library at some point. I don't know why I haven't many nice patterns!


The scarf is beautiful!

I sure hope you get rain soon - we're having an extremely dry year here, too, but fortunately just rumors of water rationing.


Oh, wow, Ene's scarf is gorgeous!


YOur scarf is beautiful, and I agree, it really is a shawl!!!

Last night on the news they showed how low our reservoirs are as well. No one is supposed to water outside fill fountains etc. We already practice water conservation here, so there isn't that much I can do. But we will just pray for God to quench this area's thirst!

Kristen M.

We're short here on water here too, but not that short. They've said things like 'limit car washing' and 'try not to water your lawn' but in other cities surrounding me. We actually have underground water. And no other cities around us do. My brother used to work for the water department of the city I live in...and I got the low down on all city hall happenings. I'll pray for your water. The shawl is gorgeous! And the mittens for car travel...just pull out more yarn and see how many mittens you can do on the trip. They could be gifts...or they could be donated.


Your shawl/scarf is beautiful Beth and I think the mitts are going to be too. LOVE the colors.
Glad to hear your outfit was a hit, bet you looked great.

Global warming is certainly creating havoc everywhere and getting worse. BC had one of its hottest summers on record this year, it was really unbearable. Very sad, hope things get better in your area soon.

Huggs, G


PS Thanks for including the download of the mitts!


Beth~Your shawl is great, so lovely. You will just have a great time in Williamsburg. Husband and I went on a tour a couple years back and it was fun and educational and memorable. Of course I will pray.


This is a very beautiful scarf!


I read about the drought on the front page of the Orlando Sentinel. Lake Lanier is drying up. My husband called up the Sea Ray dealership and whoever he talked to said that the reports are slightly exaggerated. I bet little boys all over GA are loving the water rationing!
Love the shawl. I'll have to talk a second look at it in my Scarf Style book.


How are the Monkey socks coming along?


Oh Beth your shawl turned out gorgeous! Great job!! I enjoyed knitting along with you - you really motivated me to finish it!

The water situation is really bad up here too -- it worries me that we could be out of water in a few months. We need it to rain badly!


The scarf is stunning! I hope your water situation works out and you get some rain soon!


Wow, you were so fast with Ene's scarf, I didn't even realise you had started and now you're done! It's really lovely. I bought the book for this pattern but I still haven't knit it yet. I hope the rains come soon. We have some reservoir water but it is not enough so we have begun recycling our waste water and mixing it back with the resevoir water.


Ene's scarf is just beautiful, Beth! Such a lovely lace project. Hasn't it been terribly dry this year? Fortunately, we aren't as bad as you are, but we could all use some rain.


I'm so glad you found a dress you liked and had a good time at the wedding. Please share photos of Williamsburg with us if you can. I have never been and it intrigues me.

Will pray for rain for you. I know Australia has a bad drought as well and they have developed some wonderful water-saving measures, but like your area, this year is unusually bad. My friend has to save dishwater to water her garden plants. We have a little bit of drought, which is scary now that our new house has a well. Today it is pouring here, so I'll try to send it your way next. :)


Very pretty Ene! I've knit one in variegated yarn, but I'm thinking I need a solid one too. You've inspired me!


Is there a way to send this rainstorm your way at all? Friends in Hawai'i have also noted the great lack of water there as well. I do hope things all change for the better, soon.

Pretty scarf.

I'm actually going um, window shopping for fashions myself. I have given up actually looking for specific items...if something should fall into my lap and fit? Kaloo Kalay...but I'm not holding my breath. So I'm really happy you were able to find something that worked! HURRAY!

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