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October 09, 2007



I love your monkey sock! And the beef burritos sound wonderful. I've got a bunch of leftover pot roast and I'm going to make burritos or enchiladas with it tomorrow night.


Hmmm...don't you sew? You could make a dress! I actually think that is easier than buying a dress. I don't like going clothes shopping!

Glad the scarf and sock are flying along!!


Your socks look fantastic!!!! Now, go dress-shopping LOL...


Yey Monkies! Monkeys? Ah spelling, what a wonder...

The last dress I bought I found at a discount clothing store in Hawai'i...I think it became a tablecloth for my niece...Dresses and I don't get along so much, can you tell? My favorite place to find them are the discount stores...that way I don't feel so bad when they get recycled into something else. Good luck!


Good luck finding a dress! It's so hard to shop when you have to find that certain thing.

Your socks look great, as does the Ene shawl. Maybe you'll find a dress to match your shawl? :)


I wish I had one of those bodies that could slip into anything and feel good about how it looks. I need to try on and try on and try on again. It drives me nuts! That's why I rarely shop either. I'd put it off, too! Sorry, but have fun!


Love your Monkeys! Though I think you have three repeats left before the heel flap (hee hee, just finished them myself you see)!

Good luck with the dress shopping. Shopping is never fun when it's something you HAVE to do!

Sheepish Annie

Dresses...yuck! I don't think I've worn one in the last seven or eight years. I just can't seem to find one that looks "right" on me. Best of luck in your hunt! I'm sure you'll find the perfect one just waiting for you.

Restless Knitter

Oh man, I really dislike shopping for clothes for any kind of special occasion. For that fact, I really dislike shopping for clothes.. period.

Hope your burrito stuff turned out well.


I bet if you thought two pieces, instead of "dress" you might have better luck. I'm not a dress person. I can never seem to find one that fits right, but I can always find a skirt and top, which can be very elegant and flatterning. But not if you wear it with monkey socks.


The burrito recipe sounds amazing!

Lisa Lam

Glad you like the song Beth!

Oh I hate clothes shopping. I'm sure I would even if I had loads of money. Like you, I would rather make something, and have a nice cup of tea.

Fabby colours on the monkey sock.


That recipe looks delicious! I saw your comment at Dana's that it was good, so I printed it out. Can't wait to try it. We love Mexican food.

I hate shopping too. I'd so much rather just order stuff online, but there's usually a fit problem when I do that. Hope you find a great dress!


The Monkey Socks sure do fly off the needles! Love the colors of yours!


Beth~your Monkey Socks look good! I have put mine aside for a while...never got very far, and I must make cutiepie his sweater. Good job! I do not like to shop much either! We should form some kind of KAL for those of us who don't like to shop! HA!


Love your sock! That pattern is on my list of things to try. I hate clothes shopping too.


Love your monkey sock and love the colors!


Ick, mall shopping. I avoid that at all costs. I hope your trip was worthwhile, and you found a nice dress!

Love the Monkey socks! I'm starting to feel like I'm the last knitting blogger on Earth to knit this pattern. One of these days I'll make a pair, because they really are lovely.


Mmmm, I make shredded beef like that all the time, too... but I do it in my pressure cooker because I can never get my act together earlier enough to get anything in the crockpot!! Mmm, that may be dinner tomorrow!

Love your Monkey sock - pretty yarn!

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