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October 05, 2007



hooray for your socks! They are adorable and the yarn is beautiful. I am glad you did a roundup on your WIPs. I should do one on mine.....

Sheepish Annie

You wouldn't believe how hot and muggy it's been around here! Northeast, my foot! We're in the tropics or something...

I think the darker part of the button facing right will work very nicely. I really need all buttons facing the same way or I go utterly mad! I'm odd that way. ;)

And the socks? Fabulous!!! Aren't homemade socks just the best? I just love to wear them in the cold winter months. There's something rather cozy about it!


Lovely projects! And congrats on your first socks! You'll be hooked now!


Oh my gosh! You're WAY ahead of me! I'm almost finished with DJ's wallaby, then I'll be ready to start. I'm going on Monday to an LYS that I didn't even know I had till the other day. Their website says they have Cascade 220. I want to see the colors in person.

COngrats on the socks! And Ene's scarf will be great. I've thought of you a bunch lately but all of my computer time has been working, and all of my "free" time has been housework or church stuff or just trying to do the daily stuff that has to get done.

My house is a wreck, btw.

Restless Knitter

Woohoo! Finished socks! Lace! What's next? Steeking?


Beth, you have been VERY busy! Love the color of your Ariann...can't wait to see it when it is done. Also, your socks are fantastic! You've inspired me to get going on a pair of fingerless mitts soon so I can use them all fall/winter. I made the Fetching ones last year for a friend and have 2 skeins waiting for a pair for me.


Hooray for your first pair of socks! I predict many more.


congratulations on finishing your first pair of socks! they look lovely. :)


Wow Beth...I dont know how you accomplish all you do. Hooray is right re: your socks!!! Love the colors too of all your projects. Buttons are a 'finicky' thing to chose at times, you want to add with them but at the same time, not detract from the actual item, right? Im sure you will make the right choice. Keep up the great work.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!! G


Hooray for first socks! They came out so well (and I'm not just saying that because I made the yarn :)). I wish my first pair looked that good!

Ariann looks lovely. Such a pretty color. I started that pattern last winter, but the yarn just wasn't meant to be. It's been on my to do list ever since. If only I had the time! I think that big wooden buttons would look really nice with that color. That is what I plan to use whenever I get around to mine.


Your first socks turned out really nice. I am a bit jealous.....


Oh, you have been a busy girl. Love Arian. I have been the yarn for Sitcom Chic. That site is a riches of gorgeous patterns.


Your ene looks beautiful - I just love the color! And such yummy socks too - Rachel sure is a wiz on the wheel! =)


Your WIPs look great! I really like Ariann, just beautiful! I agree with you on the buttons, the darker green to the right will look really nice.


I agree; the darker bit to the right looks best.
The scarf is beautiful!


Welcome to the world of socks. They are such gret travel projects. I can't wait to see the Monkey socks off the needles!

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