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November 30, 2007



Finish one Christmas gift per month, huh? I think that is a great idea. I did so much Christmas knitting last year and haven't even started anything yet for this year. I think I am just going to have to try to finish the sweater for my daughter.


So iced tea does the trick? In that case, I should start putting ice cubes in my tea :) The cardigan jean set is so pretty, lucky little girl!

Sheepish Annie

That is the cutest little sweater!!! Nice job! And I happen to think that you did quite well with the holiday knitting. Some of us sort of flamed out on that little task... :;sigh::

Note to self: buy iced tea.


That's a cute little outfit! The sweater looks great!


You did a great job Beth, very pretty and nice paired with the little jeans, so cute.

I am amazed at how much you get done...just terrif. Thanks for the info re: mitten knitting. I will be making this a priority in the new year. Goals are so important for getting projects completed, aren't they?

Huggs, G :<)


That's adorable and looks great with the pants and socks. The idea of a Christmas gift a month is admirable.


What a beautiful little sweater and such an adorable outfit!


Gorgeous sweater!

Kristen M.

That's an adorable little outfit. I can't bear to part with my 2's baby sweaters. But I didn't want them in a box. Yesterday we discovered that one fit a doll in her room. Now I get to enjoy it. I like your idea for a 2008 list. I think I'll try that. Because really, it's just silly to try to knit nonstop until Christmas.


That sweater is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen! I love those colors, and with the jeans, it's a perfect outfit for a little girl.

I'm so impressed that you work on your gift knitting all year long. I've decided that since I'm a procrastinator, knitting gifts for the holidays is not a good idea. I've given some handknits that weren't well received, so I've become very selfish and knit mostly for myself :)

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