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December 02, 2007



I love that hat! Its on my list of to do things....
I am not sure why blogger did whatever it did but I noticed it. I have a blogger account so I can use it but...not one can find my blog that way...


The hat's got such a cute lace design, especially the top. I noticed the Blogger comment box is changed - it has a nickname feature now - so maybe there's a bit of hiccup when they added some of the features.


Very cute hat! I've had my eye on that one as well.

Like you, I plan to do most of my shopping online! Must get started, I suppose!

Kristen M.

I've been eyeing that hat. It's nice to see a machine washable option. Usually I see everything knit in wools that don't work for us. I might just try this hat out after Christmas for next years charity knitting. I started a pair of children's mittens today. I had an easy pattern in Weekend Knitting. And I had some bulky wool. I'm getting excited about having a box of giftable knits for next year. =0)


Great hat!

I am doing OK on the shopping i need to do, but the crafty stuff is a little slower than I would like since i have to put alot of it in the mail early. I am not going to make myself crazy trying to get it done though, if i have to I will just buy some small gifts for people instead.


Hmmm, no clue about blogger as today's my first venture out of my cave...

I must say I really like the Vanna yarns, they come in complementary colors which was a necessity for the Jayne hat I made with them.

Oh xmas shopping...I probably should have taken advantage of the snow and rainstorm today...I ran into the mall for 5 minutes and it was no problem to find parking and no line to pay. The stars will not align for me like this again...but at least I got my nephew's birthday present taken care of...

Sheepish Annie

Not sure what's going on with Blogger comments. Mine seem fine. Maybe you need to sign in again since they changed the system out? Since I'm always signed in, I haven't had to worry about it...

Love the hat! You should come up here. We've got snow! Perfect hat weather!!


Can't help on the blogger issues. That hat is wonderful! I knit a Gretel hat last week and loved it.


Love the hat. I've had the same issue with Blogger. I have a wordpress blog, but Blogger ID from swaps and stuff, you can list your non-blogger webpage in your profile, but it's a pest for people to find you (me).


Love the hat! I've been thinking of bringing mine to do on the trip but I think I already have enough to do, so it will have to wait! : )


I noticed that too with blogger, you used to be able to leave your nickname and your blog, but now only nickname or your blogger id - so annoying! I hope they put it back to normal soon.

Love the hat - foliage is such a cute pattern.


I so love Typepad. I have never had any issues.


Cute hat! I think I remember seeing the pattern, but it didn't leave much of an impression on me. I like your version in blue, though.

As far as the Blogger issue, I wouldn't know. I haven't been reading blogs, much less commenting lately, but if I run into an issue, I'll let you know.

Christmas shopping? Ha! I've done some online, but since we're traveling for Christmas, I'm finding it hard to get much done until we get back to the States. Good luck with yours!


I love that hat. I've printed it out for Amanda this winter (well, the two days of it we get!)


Cute, cute hat!

I've noticed the same thing with the comments. I'm thinking about leaving my URL as my name. I mean, really - if I leave "Linda" it could be anyone. Seems like enough people will start complaining that they don't know who's comments are who's and they'll change back. Hopefully, anyway. :o)


Love the hat Beth,you are really progressing as a knitter. Amazing that you've only been knitting such a short time, you do beautiful work!

Blogger is different now, I guess they are trying to get people to sign up for Blogger blogs. Im sticking with WP though.


Blogger blows, period.


I had issues with uploading my photos all last week. Who knows what's going on.

I've done christmas shopping for the kids in my life- niece, son, friend's kids. That's about it. Oh, and some photo gifts- tshirts and a calendar.


Oh! I forgot.
Pretty hat too.


That is a great hat, Beth. How did you like the Vanna White yarn? As for Christmas shopping? Nope, I haven't started.


I love that hat, Beth!

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