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March 01, 2008



I think you should choose "E. Your hat pattern". Why? Because it looks closest to being finished. Then you'll quickly have one less WIP and you'll feel so good you'll tackle another. However, if you are like me, each FO always makes me feel like I deserve to CO for at least two new projects! ;-)


I loved Sheep's Monkey socks, I'd finish those first Beth. WOW, you do have your work cut out for you, good stuff though!!! Look forward to the results. Love your color choices btw.


I think you should finish the top - it's perfect for spring and summer and you don't have too much left to do.

I'm in the same boat with things I need to finish . . . and I've taken up a new hobby (sewing)!


I vote for "E. My hat pattern" like Julie. It is close to being finished and one finished object is SO satisfying you'll be ready to tackle the next.

The Monkey socks are a close second... I found the lace pattern to be addicting. The negative side is that with socks, you must always knit 2!!!

Kristen M.

I think the bubble bag. It looks pretty close to finishing. And once that's done, you can line the bunch of bags all together. My VBB isn't lined. And, it's one of that bags that I think doesn't need a lining. Hopefully that will be encouraging when you start that project. I'd like to see the top, but I'm hoping for you that with the WW it doesn't fit. I had my eye on that pattern last spring. But at the time, I didn't think I had enough skill to knit that top for myself. Now, I could handle it...but oh, there's so much to knit and so little time.

Sheepish Annie

As much as I love the Monkeys, I know that there were some "fit" issues. So, I'm going with the top. I think that's really pretty and will see quite a bit of wear when it's done. Now you've got me thinking about the WIP basket. I fear that there is many an abandoned thingy in those depths...


I think your hat looks almost done followed by the bubble bag. Knit those two and in no time you'll have FO's


Your hat pattern first. Quick, easy...And, you need a hat! lol


I vote for E. too! Then the shrug with Malabrigo!! That one looks so beautiful and the color you have will be perfect for spring!


Well I guess I am in the minority- I think you should finish the chevron scarf! It looks so pretty and I found once I got into a rhythm with mine I finished it in no time.


I vote for the top (A). It looks like you are almost finished and it looks perfect for spring. And you know spring is right around the corner.


I was going to say Dishcloth, just because it is so small you'd be done in no time, but I guess that's really boring, so.... bubble bag, just because it looks like a ton of fun.

When I was at Stitches West, I finally got to touch a skein of Malabrigo and now I totally know why people *rave* about it. Sooooo sooooooft (picture Homer Simpson drooling)...


You have so many great projects! I vote for "E" as well since it looks like you are close to finising. My next vote is for "A" -- it's so pretty!


I vote for J - just because I like the colours and it looks like it will finish up quickly giving you motivation to tackle the rest.


Hey! my vote is for A as Spring is rapidly approaching and by summer, it will be to hot to wear that lovely top! It looks like you are pretty close to finishing and you could wear it this year!!!


I say, knock out the charity hat first and get it off your list, then move onto pesonal gratification items. Will you be sharing your hat pattern? ;-)


I vote for the Chevron scarf... I have one I need to finish myself. And if you finish it soon you may get a chance to use it before it gets too warm.

Restless Knitter

I am one of the last people that should be weighing in on which ufo you should tackle first. However, that's not going to stop me from suggesting the chevron scarf. Though the dishcloth would probably be a quick finish so doing it first would get an fo quicker. (Don't put me in for the drawing,I have enough yarn not being put to use around here haha)


Ooh I love all your WIP's, I've been cleaning mine as well lately, I managed to get it down to two and I'm struggling hard to not allow myself to start anymore. I vote for A, but you don't need to enter me - I need more MmmmmMalabrigo like I need a hole in my head! =)


I vote for the bubble bag. It looks like the most fun to finish up :)


Wow, lots o' WIPs!

I like the Mabel scarf that Larissa Brown designed. I think two skeins of Malabrigo makes a long one.


I bet you could finish that dishcloth in one night, so I vote for that!


I vote for the dishcloth since it looks easy (but what do I know??). Then the charity hat because it'll feel really good to send that off (or is that the name of the hat? This voting thing is reallllly confusing me). Then, after that's done, I say finish your hat pattern. Yeah! You'll feel so good after finishin' things out of the basket.

Oh and don't include me in the giveaway because I won't know what to do with the yarn!!! Although it is purdy.


Delve into my wacky way of approaching projects...what's this "one at a time" deal...I find, especially when socks are the main project, I HAVE to have some bigger needle projects to switch things around, so below is what I would do :).

I know your hat pattern (e) has been fighting you...but if you've conquered it, I'd say begin there. If, not so much? Go with the charity hat to build up the hat mojo (g) then finish that monkey (d)--but just one-- then jump back up to bigger needles to (e) cuz you've built up that hat mojo or bury it a little longer and finish (f) the bag then jump back to (g) for another monkey (or maybe just the leg--I found the pattern perfect for "just before bed" knitting in Italy--and cheat with some (j) during the day as the pattern is just as easy to sink into but if it gets too mindless because scarves take forever, you just switch back to the monkey until it's done.

From here I think you get the pattern....switching from big to little needles keeps me sane...and makes my hands hurt less as I am a rather tight sock knitter...(10 stitches to the inch on the pair I'm working on right now!!!--I had no wonder they're taking so long.)


Your hat or dishcloth -- something that will give you a quick sense of accomplishment so you can power through!

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