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April 02, 2008



Your spinning wheel is beautiful, how do you keep yourself from spending all your time with it?

Congrats on the jeans purchasing too.


It sounds like you are perhaps overspinning a bit. Slow down your treadling and you should see better results.


Yep, sounds like over plying. I wouldn't expect a single to be too springy, but when plyed, it should be like "yarn" ::laughing::. When you're plying, try holding out a long arms length, and counting your treadles, then feed it in... just count fewer times and let it feed in to soften the twist.


Yay for smaller jeans!!!


New jeans! What fun! For shirts, try J.Jill. I don't know what you have around you, but...ok I checked, you have 3 (9, 11, & 13 miles from you). It's not a blouse, but favorite thing there is the compassion t-shirt. I'm still knitting away on my Clapotis. I've dropped 12 times. But, still a way to go. My latest movie for Clapotis knitting...August Rush. If you haven't, you've got to see it. Have a happy Thursday.

oh...and how are things shaping up for the middle of April competition?


Hooray for smaller jeans! It's always a good day for me when I can buy new clothes that fit well.

As far as the spinning, it does sound like you're overspinning the singles. When you predraft the fiber, try ripping it into thinner strips. This way, you can have finer singles without having to put in as much twist as you draft. Does that make any sense? The type of wool you are using could affect springy-ness, as well. Merino, for example, would be springier than Corriedale or even BFL, because of the staple length. Fibers with shorter staple length tend to be springier than those with longer staple length. At least this is my experience, so if I'm wrong, I hope someone corrects me!


you said "What I want is a plain cotton button-up shirt with short sleeves that cover at least 6 inches of my arm"

I hate to inform you but there is no longer such a thing. I have looked everywhere and none to be found. What a crime!


I hope one day when I'm visiting my brother and his family in Lawrenceville, we can meet somewhere.

Sheepish Annie

Yay for smaller jeans!!!!!!!! Boo for stupid shirts that don't work for those of us over 19.

Some fibers don't have as much sproing as others and some don't take well to over-spinning. But, the more you spin, the more you can correct for that. I honestly don't have much technical knowledge in the fiber arts. I just know what it is supposed to "feel" like. Sort of how I make bread, now that I think of it...


Your wheel is tres beautiful Beth, I hope it brings many,many hours of enjoyment your way. Congrats on the smaller jeans, yipee....that's a great feeling.


Yes, congratulations on the smaller jeans! It's hard to find attractive but modest clothes if you are over 16. I don't know why that is -- there are so many women over 16 who are looking to buy them!


Glad your spinning is going well... I think everyone else already answered your spinning question but yep it sounds like you are either treadling too fast or not drafting fast enough which is causing your singles to be overspun. You either want to slow down or draft faster. =) HTH!


Yay for smaller jeans!!!

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