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April 09, 2008



I almost never get through my to-do list. Usually I'm overambitious and I underestimate how long each task will take.
The wristlet looks great!


The wristlet is going to be great -- no more wrestling with a purse.

I hope you have an enjoyable, restful break, however much you do or don't get done. My list is always too long, and sometimes I forget to be still. :)


That little bag is adorable and I love the cards. I'm sure your skills will improve with more practice but really they look great as is.


OOH! I love the little wristlet and the cards. So cute! Enjoy your spring break!


The wristlet is great! I need to try one of those too!


Hooray for using what you have - the wristlet looks great! And thanks for the mention too - that is so sweet of you! =)


Your posts are always wonderful, whatever you write about Beth. I LOVE your wristlet, so cute and practical too. Heavy purses are not good for anyone to lug around.



Ha! I am notorious for making WAY more plans that I am able to accomplish. My mother once told me when I was a child that "a mother's job is never done," and now I completely get it.

I like the wristlet idea. I could use one of those to keep the wallet & essentials separate from the diaper bag. You are always inspiring, Beth!


I love that little wristlet! I need to make something like that for coupons. I'm off the coupon habit and need to get back on.


Your wrist purses will be very convenient and are so charming! Yes, I always think I can cram a whole list of things into an unrealistic amount of time, too. Be patient with yourself. In the long run, some of the must-do items tend to be much less urgent than we think!

Enjoy Spring Break!

Sheepish Annie

Oh, I always over plan! I have a vacation the week after next and will, no doubt, plan far more than I can do. I will also begin my Index Cards Of Summer Organization so I can prepare for my summer break. I will put too much on those, too. ::sigh::

I love that wristlet! What a great idea!!!!!!


cute wristlet!!!
What part of Ohio are you going to?
There is a cute little knitting shop near Cincinnati.



Hey Beth! The cards are cute! But I remember trying the seams as well and they just seemed bulky. Same lesson learned when I stretched fabric over canvas frames. Raw edges just look better on really flat things, I guess. Anyhoo, I'm proud of you for not waking your hubby. I would probably have - for the sake of crafting - so mean I am. :o)

You wristlet is cute! I should do something like that. My purse gets so heavy on my shoulder I usually switch it several times on a grocery trip.


"Vacation, all I ever wanted" -The Go Gos...maybe? Whoever... I am definitely jealous and longing for some time off...just to do absolutely nothing.

Lists are my life lately...cross off one thing, add three I have a perpetual one going...If I cross off two things a week I'm golden. And if I can put off something (Costco) for a month or so, we are talking dancing in the streets!

I love the wristlet idea. Come summer I'll no longer be able to stuff my too-plump girl-wallet into my coat; yours is a nifty solution.

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