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April 14, 2008



yep, yep, yep.... I know exactly where you're coming from ;o)


I'm so looking forward to being OLD though. My Gram had so much fun. When gathering photos for her slideshow, we had her riding a quad at 65, riding in my brother's 1970 blazer with 36" tires at 84, and giving my little one a horsey ride (she was probably 83...and crawling on her hands and knees with my 30 pound 18 month old on her back.)! Now that's how to do it. Being retired, she had time to be a deaconess, in the Gideon's auxiliary, teach a women's Bible study, host a small group in her home, and run the summer crafts for a CEF camp. ALL AT THE SAME TIME! See, all that would make me exhausted right now. But, once her 3 little ones were out of the home, then she ROCKED! I knot that there are stages to life. Right now, I'm wiping a lot of runny noses. But, when I'm old...I can't wait. Well, yes I can wait...because I don't want these little ones to grow up too fast. But, I'm excited for the adventure God has for me after 50! =0)


It's all about how you feel, really!


How about when you catch a glimpse of those college guys playing basketball and you think to yourself that they look like kids - maybe middle school kids!

Or when you groan getting up off the floor.

I asked my mom the other day if 36 was middle age because my body seemed to be falling apart. :o)

Sheepish Annie

I just try not to think about it too much. The day I got my license renewed and couldn't understand how they mixed up and put Mommy Sheep's face on there was a particularly bad one...

And I made an "oomph" noise when I got up off the couch last night. That is going to set back my therapy. Big time.


Dear Beth,

You are definitely getting better,not older. I am amazed by all that you do, you could run circles around many a 'young-un' that's for sure.

I wouldn't want to be in my 20's again, for anything. I feel so much more grounded now, and sure of who I am and what I want to still accomplish. That's all good, right?

Huggs, G


For the first time in my life, I notice that the waiters and waitresses in restaurants look too young to be working. I worry about my hair or my jeans being too "old" or using slang terms that may give me away as having grown up in the 80s. But if you ask me in person, I'll never tell. :)


Being considerably beyond 40, I have noticed that the awareness of aging in our 40s turns to joy and freedom at 50 and beyond! Could it be because our daughters stop talking about it???!!



I'm turning 46 in May and find myself not wanting to dress like a frumpy housewife but not wanting to dress like I'm trying to look too young (low slung jeans which are hard to wear post having babies). I find the 40's hard to find where I'm supposed to be. Also, having lived in the south, I hate when someone calls me "ma'am". I always reply, "please don't call me ma'am, I'm too young for that!" For some reason "ma'am" reminds me of when I was young enough to use the term so it can't be used on me?!


Well, I am old enough that the new players on the Braves Baseball team look like high schoolers to me. Oh well, that's life!


I remember experiencing those feelings at a certain age. Now that I'm past 50 (sheesh, who's past 50 but grey-haired old grandmas???), I no longer seem to struggle with the transition. Fortunately, though aging certainly has it's downfalls, each new age category also comes with it's perks. I no longer seem to worry so much about what others think about how I look or what I have to say. ;-)


Yeah, I work with college studenta and get called ma'am all day! I feel old.


I hear ya. My body knows its middle age.. it's my brain that seems to have the problem catching up!

And I hope it never does *grin*


Yeah, I would rather be called "ma'am" by a 20-something person than be patronized with a "young lady" comment from the same. I doubt he knew what it was going to sound like. To me, it just sounds stupid. No one should use "young lady" to refer to someone older than they are. (I have even heard an elderly woman say it was rude to call her something along those lines, because she had lived a lot of life and deserved to be honored for her age! But, neither you or I are elderly yet!!! Ha!)


Oh gosh, I know these feelings well! I almost died when my daughter asked me if I had ever heard of "Weird Al" before! I listened to him every Saturday night in high school---over 20 years ago!


Beth~I'm reading along and agreeing with everything you are saying, comrade! I did think we were the same age though just by the way you talk, missy. Me, I was a product of the (late) 50's.


Your daughter's going shopping with friends? Mine went out shopping with her best friend for the first time too :) And I totally get what you're saying about the rest. I'm going through the same things. Over here, you know you've gone over to the other side when people start calling you, 'auntie' when they are not related to you. 'Auntie' is supposed to be a polite, respectful form of address for a mature lady :) :) It gets worse, there's another more respectful form of address for the older ladies :) :)

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