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June 25, 2008



Those biscuits look wonderful and I bet they were absolutely fabulous with that local honey. Mmmm!


As long as they are tasty who cares what they look like... specially with honey!

But they DO look good so don't worry *grin*


Ooh, the biscuits do look good.

Sheepish Annie

I've never made drop biscuits. I suppose I should since I rarely make biscuits because of all the rolling... Yours look yummy, though. Just right for a good drizzle of cream and honey!

I'm hoping to hit the Farmer's Market next week. Although I am not sure it is the right time. Most of the produce isn't going to be ready until July. But it's still a fun trip!


I just got home a short while ago from our town's farmer's market. I am so used to paying with my debit card when I shop, that I didn't bother taking the checkbook with me. Stopping by the market was an impulse decision since I was on that side of town today. I had exactly $11 on me, so I bought all I could with it! ;-Þ

I got a nice sized seedless watermelon, a basket of delicious smelling peaches, which feel perfectly ripe, and a couple of sweet banana peppers. I plan to go back with my checkbook this weekend and buy much more. Your stuff looks quite tasty!


Oh, you have me excited for our FM which starts this weekend. Your biscuits look so delicious.

And welcome to Trump! I hope he is settling in well now and the accidents are fewer.


The produce is so pretty and colorful. That's as good for us as eating it I think. It's like eye candy!


Yummy...biscuits and honey. Drool, drool!


Isn't it fabulous to find homegrown produce and goods? I am saddened by the apathy that reigns here in Florida due to such a transient lifestyle. We really have to search for the farms that sell the homegrown. I would love to see a more sustainable lifestyle return to my adopted state. When I was in Asheville, I was agog at the amount of organic co-op farming that one could be a part of. I hope that you will be able to support your local market.


I went to our closest FM yesterday--should have gotten there an hour earlier! But it was fun and I cooked a pattypan squash for the first time last night. Tasted just like a regular crooknecked one.


Oh! Your veggies look wonderful!


LOVE the farmers can always find the most interesting things there!


Woo hoo! Local honey! I drink some in my tea every morning. It seems to have helped with my allergies. :o)

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