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August 01, 2008



Money. Ugh.


My squash has been pathetic this year. And combine that with the fact that I only planted 1 each of zucc., crookneck, butternut because I was overrun last year...and I'm pretty sad. It has helped to see that other gardens aren't producing either and it's not just my bad skills. I want to try the sundried tomato thing. Thanks for the link. We've got 5 plants in our yard and they seem ok this year. But, since it doesn't get cold for awhile, I'll have tomatoes at Thanksgiving I think.

My Clapotis was so fun, I'd consider making another.


Yum, the tomatoes look delicious! We don't have a garden, but have been blessed twice this summer with a large bag of homegrown tomatoes from each of two neighbors. It's a wonder I don't have mouth sores, as much as I have indulged!

I need to walk, but with our temperatures in the triple digits, and humidity to boot, it's simply TOO HOT!

Your Clapotis is looking beautiful!


My garden is producing massive amounts of green beans but little else.
Your clapotis is looking good. Doesn't it feel like it will never end?
What yarn are you using? very pretty.


Pretty, pretty Clappy!! I missed the post identifying the yarn?

Yeah for the walking. I think, everyday, that I need to start. But the 100 degree temps talk me out of it every time.

Sheepish Annie

Wow! A busy week indeed! I'm thinking of drying some tomatoes next week myself. I like them and they make great dips or breads. I also keep talking about making a Clapotis...but I think it's more likely I'll dry to 'maters. I love the scarf, but I just can't seem to motivate myself to knit one. Yours is just lovely!


Yup, we're getting an Aldi and I can't wait. They have a cult following in Germany. My aunt loves the place. Money is tight here as well, especially since I quit my job and went back to school. I just spent $250.00 on 3 textbooks! Crazy!


Oh, I think the remains of the yellow squash plants are buried under gourd and melon vines. I got two tiny Butternut before the plants gave up. I think I will try some more of those. We love our Brandy Boys, Brandywine and Better Boy hybrid


No way are you getting old and tired Beth! Wow, that's quite a list. So glad you found a local friend to walk with (the knitting is just gravy LOL)

Hugs, G

PS: your tomatoes look amazing!


I don't know what I would want more?
the tomato bread or the clapotis.

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