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March 16, 2009



Trump is soooo cute! I'm gaga over Layla the same way... we all are. She just brings it out in us! Layla is just the opposite - everyone she meets, she is sure is her best friend, and whoever is at the door is surely here just to see her. She loves EVERYONE!


He's adorable.


He has the most precious little face. I'd for certain be talking babytalk to him, as well as kissing that cute little face! If I ever get another dog (that I actually choose, and doesn't choose us, as ours seem to do), I want a pug. They always make my heart melt.

Leyna, our Min Pin, is horrible when certain people come to the door. I don't think she'd take treats from anyone, though, as she has only one thing on her mind when the mailman, UPS, or Fed-Ex guys come to the door, and that's to kill. She needs a serious attitude adjustment!


Sucha cut little pout in the last picture!

Sheepish Annie

Oh my doodness! Yook at dat widdle face!!!! How can you get anything done during the day with that sweet boy around? I don't think I'd ever get past the baby-talk. (and I'm pretty bad about it with the cats...I would just die if anyone ever heard me!)

I'm such a fan of pugs. If I ever lived where I could have a dog, that's the breed that would be at the top of the to-be-considered list. No doubt!


He's so dear! We have a Jack Russell that could be feisty at times at Trump's age. We were taught two techniques to "marshmallow" him ~ one was what you are already doing ~ to hold him like a baby and coo while softly petting his tummy several times through the day.

The other was to hold him securely, just under his front legs with both hands (from behind, with your fingers pointing to his tummy and your thumbs behind his shoulders) supporting him securely with your hands like this while having him stand on his back legs. We'd do this (a distance from the door but in sight of the door) as someone else in the family would answer the door. The person holding him would softly tell him what a good dog he was. When the person was completely inside and the door was closed, he was allowed to say hello. This cured him of his door dashing.


On "its me or the dog" they often have people do the treat thing at the door. Seems to work on there. He is a cutie pie! As for talking to him...I talk to my dog. I call her my wittle molly wobbles.


What a cutie. I talk to all our doggies


get a small rug or placemat to use a few feet from the door...when the door bell rings, put on a leash and say "on your spot" and place him in a sit on the rug/mat...repeat a thousand times and soon you will beable to say, somebody's at the door on your spot and he will go and sit and wait till your guest enters (even with out a leash) always give a small treat when he sits "on his spot"...also it helps if the rug is near a door so you can teather him to the door knob if there is no one else to open the door.

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