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March 09, 2009



There is just nothing like the taste of hot, buttered, fresh-from-the-oven bread. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I hope to try it soon. :-)


Ooooh, those rolls look delicious! I bet your house smelled wonderful!


Fresh baked bread is one of the best smells in the world! We're having spaghetti tonight, homemade pizza on Tuesday, lemon chicken on Wednesday and fish chowder on Thursday.




Weeeeellll...I've heard tell that the way the hooks knead on slow (I don't have one to verify) is the speed a person should be doing it...the goal is to really punish the dough for all the ills of the world...makes good bread that way :). But 10 minutes? I never went past 5...I just don't have the muscles for more.

check out this blog if you haven't already heard about it. you could even knit some dolls.
i plan to get some made and send them in. it sounds like a great idea.


That looks so yummy! Busy week here. My menu is up on my fridge, but not sure if I'll get it up on the blog.

Sheepish Annie

I always knead dough by hand, even if I mix it in the Kitchen Aid. There's just something about kneading that I love...

I didn't knead the dough for tonight's bread, though. I made calzones with leftover chicken, salsa, cheese and some of that pizza crust in a tube. Very tasty, but not as much fun as kneading bread dough!


Mmmmm ... warm potato rolls with honey!


If I had all of that lovely bread in the house, I would be in serious trouble. It looks so delicious!


And a tibute to you for confessing the four rolls! I think many of us can receive and affirm that!! Sounds so yummy!!

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