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December 04, 2009



I can ask my friend Lois (the one who made Hannah's prom gown) all those questions if you'd like.


I like Vanna's choice and have knitted several things out of it. I know what you mean about "squeaky yarn".
Sounds like you are very busy and productive!


That's a great looking scarf for the OFA Red Scarf Project! I love the picture of Trump. He looks adorable with his little tongue! I'm sure it's just because he's so comfortable with you :)


The scarf looks great - Vanna's choice is my go to for acrylic, it's very soft and easy on the hands and warm around the neck!

Sheepish Annie

Oh, Trump! You make me smile!! I love that little tongue hanging out. Sooooo cute!!!

Not sure what to tell you about the fabric. I don't sew very well. I could tell you all sorts of stuff, but you would have to do the opposite of everything I say and that could get confusing...


We had a cat who stuck his tongue out, and it was just when he was about to fall asleep or was otherwise super relaxed. It was cute. :)

Can't wait to see E's dress!


We're knitting the same scarf! Mine's out of Berocco Comfort though :).

As for Satin...I'm supposed to help my cousin with a satin bathroom in a few weeks...and you've already made the dress by now, right? How was the satin experience?

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